Fue hair transplant recovery Time step by step pictures in Lahore hair clinic 

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed Fue hair transplant in Lahore. Patient Mr. Zaheer came from United Kingdom for his frontal area hair restoration. Hair transplant in UK is almost 70 % higher as compare to hair transplant cost in Lahore. Mr.Zaheer came to visit Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for initial consultation few days earlier from his procedure. His procedure was performed on 4th Aug 2015 and transplanted hair will start to grow after three months from hair restoration surgery. When we compare fue procedure versus strip hair restoration , then fue procedure recovery time is twenty four to forty eight hours.

Fue hair transplant recovery time

 Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry extracted 2672 grafts by Fue method and transplanted in the frontal area called zones 1,2 and 3. The procedure was started at 10.00 AM and completed 4.00 PM. It took 6 hours to transplant 2672 grafts by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry along with his experienced team.

Fue hair transplant in Lahore

Frontal hairline was designed in an irregular way so that it would look natural. It is policy of our clinic to transplant thick or dense frontal packing so that when hair will grow , these would be thick and dense.

Fue hair transplant success rate

What is fue hair transplant success rate?

Fue hair transplant has same success rate as strip procedure. Those clinics which claim strip procedure has more success rate , avoid to get hair transplant from such clinics. Fue procedure is being performed in all leading countries of the world. All developed countries opted Fue procedure. Though strip procedure exists in developed countries but rarely performed in this era of technology. Sometime there is some percentage of damage while extracting from donor area in Fue procedure. Hair doctors who have started newly will damage your follicles in higher percentage but experienced surgeons and doctors would lessen this damage. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has more than sixteen years experience of hair loss treatment, and surgical hair restoration. You can trust competency , skill, qualification and experience of Dr.Ahmad. If you can just search for hair transplant before and after results, Fue hair transplant testimonials, reviews and what other patients say about Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry, You will be convinced and book a FREE consultation with him.

Fue hair transplant post op day

Fue hair transplant cost in Lahore is not high and easily affordable. Do your research and see maximum Fue hair transplant results photos performed in Lahore. Book a free consultation by calling +92-333-430-9999