How fix FUT or Strip hair transplant scar ? 

Many patients got hair transplant surgeries through FUT or strip procedure in their past and some have broader or wider donor area scar. It seems cosmetically ugly when someone wants short hair cut or trimming of hair.  Many people cannot fulfill their desires due to curved scar in the donor area.  There are many reasons for broader or wider scar.

1- Skin behave differently and some people very thin line while many got thick and wider scar.

2- Sometimes hair doctor takes too much wide strip so greater tension at the time of would closer which will give more wider and broader donor scar.

3-  Some times surgeon is not competent or skilled and his unprofessional procedure would give ugly scar.

4- There are many patients who have two or three times hair restoration surgery through strip procedure in their past and these multiple surgeries gave them wider scars.

Hair Transplant donor scar repair