Psychological problems lead to serious concerns in life, one of which is the loss of hair or graying . When you suffer from a stressful event, you begin to lose your hair after a few weeks. But this hair fall continues for many months. Normally, the hair regrows when you are happy again or there is no reason for a serious stress. The stress puts the hair follicles to a resting phase and your immune system weakens causing the hair to fall in big chunks. You can also lose your hair through trichotillomania. This habit is also developed when you are going through a lot of stress and anxiety.

You can find out that hair will grow only if you will be familiar with the reason for hair fall. There may be one or more reasons for loss of hair. Stress may lead to severe conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome, auto-immune diseases, hypothyroidism, etc. Once you are free of stress, the hair regrows without any use of drugs or hair treatment. But that is the case in the normal stressful situation. In serious problems, you need to go through hair treatments or you have to take medication for the regrowth of hair. But these processes need to have patience. You may need a lot of months for better results. Another solution that can reduce stress and help your hair to grow is to get enough sleep. Physical stress affects your diet and sleep. You must also follow a healthy diet for the regrowth of your hair. Take proteins and vitamins the most and stay away from fats and sugary things.

How to regrow hair after stress

How to stop hair loss from stress

Your health needs to be improved. You must take supplements that have vitamin A, B, C, D, and E in them. Zinc, magnesium, and selenium are also important. Omega -3 has proven to be the most beneficial medicine one can use to make the regrowth faster. Olives, nuts and fish oil are very useful too. We must avoid taking unhealthy snacks. You need to take well-balanced meals at least three times a day. Exercise more or go on regular walks to reduce the level of your stress. Try taking meditation classes or you can also practice yoga. Running, cycling, swimming, and dancing can also reduce tension. If possible, see a therapist who can talk about your anxiety and fears. Talking about stress can make you realize that you have a strong support. You also need to give time to your body to recover from the stress. If you are taking medicines, you also need to check whether they are helping your hair to grow or not. Use hair- moisturizing products on a daily basis. Do not keep your hair dry. Hair needs proper nourishment to grow. Natural oils are the most effective. Do not experiment a lot with your hair. Blow-drying and straightening affect the condition of hair. It damages hair. Even if you want to dye your hair, try using natural coloring methods that can be nourishing to your hair, such as henna. Despite all efforts , still your thinning of hair is visible then contact our hair loss treatment expert in Lahore for help and guidance.