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3200 grafts hair transplant

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3200 grafts hair transplant in Pakistan performed through Fue technique by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry on 31 March 2021. The whole procedure took six hours and a total staff of six expert hair nurses and a surgeon performed it. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia and minimum pain or discomfort during the process as this technique did not involve any stitches or linear incision.

Before procedure Lahore

DHI 3200 grafts hair restoration in Pakistan

Normally 2500 to 3500 roots required depending upon the density or donor area availability for a nice coverage of the bald area. Dr Ahmad Chaudhry extracted 3200 roots in two hours in the back, right & left side of the head.

3200 grafts hair transplant post op day one

DHI 3200 grafts hair transplant cost in Pakistan

Our clinic charges 70 Rs per graft for DHI (direct hair implant) technique and 60 Rs per graft for Fue technique in Lahore Pakistan.

Can the donor area give 4000 or 5000 grafts through Fue Technique?

Yes, it is possible if someone has very good density then 4000 or 5000 roots extraction possible. However if someone already had Strip or FUE procedure, then to extract such a number of roots would not be possible.

Best clinic for Follicular unit extraction in Pakistan?

We have been performing baldness treatment in Pakistan for the last 21 years and one of the pioneer clinics where Fue technique is performed exclusively for the treatment.

Images for 3200 grafts before and after Lahore Pakistan

We have placed before and after the procedure images, marking and designing in the recipient area so that it would be easier for you to understand. 

Fue donor area extraction after 24 hours Pakistan

Where to contact for consultation?

To consult a specialist you may call or send us through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999