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The main benefits of FUE hair transplant over FUT are worth knowing. Follicular unit extraction is quite different from Follicular unit transplant. Both have proven to be useful for men and women facing the trauma of baldness or thinning. Both have pros and cons, but we can say both are benefitting at their most.

The main benefits of FUE hair transplantation over FUT

One crucial question a patient faces is, which hair restoration surgery should be selected. As both have some advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays FUE has gained popularity due to the increasing development of new surgical devices. Why is it preferred? Let’s have a look;

No linear scars:

In FUT a strip of skin is removed from the back of the head to have donor grafts. This leaves a 4 to 5 inches long linear scar. In comparison, FUE needs no stitches because small punches are made to take out grafts and insert back. No scar is visible although very tiny dots are left. They are not as noticeable as linear scars. You can expect minimal scars. It is best suitable for people

FUE Vs FUT scar


·         who want to have short lengths.

·         Who had keloids, and stretch scars.

Fue Vs FUT hair transplant which is better 

The procedure is the most modern and latest, technique and equipment-wise. Many new inventions have been made to perform FUE. Robots, micro punches, dissecting surgical instruments are used during the operation that adds value and precision to it.

Latest techniques incorporated:

With time latest techniques are introduced to increase the rate of success in Follicular unit transmission. A couple of techniques are.

·         NeoGraft: is a semi-automated method making the process flawless.

·         Robotic : robots are used for more accurate and precise work

           Hybrid: is a combination of both methods to gain high quality results.

Fue Vs FUT comparison

Good quality of Follicles:

Donor area grafts are taken out with special micro punches that enable the doctor to take out the best, and healthy follicles.  It ensures collection of good quality follicles.

Donor body parts:

The biggest condition for a restoration surgery is the availability of a donor site. The restorative process cannot be done without enough grafts. In case a patient lacks donor follicles. A peculiar technique is employed while performing FUE. This is called a Body to Head transplant. The donating grafts are harvested from other parts of the body. The chest, beard, armpits, pelvic area, are the provider sites in such a situation.

FUT does not have this opportunity to avail. BHT is one of the main benefits of FUE hair transplantation over FUT.

Manageable recovery:

Both are outpatient procedures. Local anesthesia is given to conduct the operation. The patient can go home right after the surgery. FUE treated patients are more relaxed and can manage aftercare more easily. They don’t need to take as much care as other one.

Shorter recovery time:

The recovery time is faster than FUT. Linear cuts take time to heal. Medicinal care is needed to prevent infections.

There are no wounds to be healed in follicular unit extraction. It takes almost 24 to 22 hours to recover from the operation.

Aesthetically more reliable:

Follicles are inserted into the skin at a very particular angle during FUE. The physician extracts and inserts grafts very carefully, keeping into consideration the angle of surrounding grafts. The placement is so perfect that you come up with the perfect natural look. Single graft assures a dense and natural look with lesser grafts.

Low risk

Since no skin is cut out and no incisions are made, there is a very low risk of infections. In the other methods due to cuts and stitches risk of infections are higher. Linear cuts are more prone to inflammation and infections. Bleeding is possible. Sleeping with a back cut can be risky too.

Fue Vs FUT pain intensity 

Modern methods are less painful. Because no cuts and stitches are involved. Very few cases of after-surgery pain are reported. Patients stay comfortable even after anesthetic effects. Sleeping and moving around is easier with single graft surgery. Strip surgery needs a special after-care procedure more sensitive than others. The patient may feel pain in stitches and the recipient area.

The Cost worth it:

Single unit extraction is costlier than the strip method. The donor units are taken out one by one. special expertise and equipment is required for the job. It adds up to the budget. But having known the main benefits of FUE hair transplantation over FUT it can be said that the price is worth it.

Beneficial for people with small bald sites:

People having small bald spots or scars can benefit from it . They don’t have to go through a long operative site. The amount of grafts they require are easily came out from the donor site and transmitted to the recipient area.

Fue Vs FUT success rate:

The main benefits of FUE hair transplantation over FUT are stated above. The final results are exceptional and permanent . The advantages it presents makes it the most intricate, healthier, and reliable procedure for a large range of patients. The massive coverage with this invasive method is unbelievable. In many cases, both techniques are employed to extract best possible results. All you need is to consult an expert, and experienced specialist to avoid any hazard.

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