Best hair transplant result

Best hair transplant result

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What is most successful hair transplant surgery procedure?

Best hair transplant results which are the most successful are FUE ”Follicular Unit Extraction ”.FUE is a less invasive hair restoration technique. It’s less painful than traditional hair procedures. This surgical solution makes no linear scar and requires no stitches. FUE is often performed manually or via a robotic unit operated by your doctor. This is often a one-day outpatient procedure so you’ll head towards your home in a day as your surgery is done. The FUE procedure is taken as the safest treatment with minor possible side effects, like tiny white scars where follicles were extracted. In extremely rare cases, there is often infection or tissue death where the surgery was done.

Is hair transplant result permanent?

An FUE hair procedure is indeed a permanent solution to baldness within the sense that the follicles transferred to areas of loss are genetically programmed to continue growing for all times without any further hair loss. However, over their lifetime some patients may require quite one procedure to take care of their desired overall look of the hairs. Your transplanted follicles will retain the characteristics of their origin and still grow for all times, despite having been moved to a part where hair loss is occurring (a concept referred to as “donor dominance”). Your newly transplanted hair isn’t more ‘fragile’ than your normal. You’ll wash it, cut it and usually treat it as you are doing your original hair

What is the best age to get a hair transplant?

For Best Hair restoration results specialist tells that, the perfect age is 25 and above. This is often the time the baldness sets in, so patients can get the proper transplant for them. Young individuals in their early 20s cannot not be the good candidates for hair restoration surgery. This is often because the hair loss cause or pattern might not be fully determined on that time Before recommending the simplest suitable hair restoration method for you, the surgeon considers several things like sort of hair loss, baldness pattern, quality of the donor hair, and size of the balding area.

  How many times can you get a hair transplant?

Yes, it’s possible to get two to three times if donor areas have enough density and add additional density into it afterward –hair treatment is not a one time procedure basically implanting new follicles between the previous grafts – although you ought to only look to try to this after the 12 months after the very first surgery which means an year You can have 2 to 4 times FUE procedures over your life time as long as you retain your total donor hair supply in the body. It is recommended by experts that less than 20% donor should be extracted from the total available grafts. The main reasons for a requirement for repeat sessions is the patient’s natural, native existing hair will still thin and indeed can be lost as well. The transplantation of the grafts from the safe donor area would not thin but the hair that’s still within the thinning area will still miniaturize and eventually disappear. If you do not have another procedure, then you’ll be at risk for the “pluggy look” and the transplanted hair will remain isolated on the bald scalp.

 Can you go bald again after a hair transplant?

Most men fear they’re going to continue balding after a procedure. Typically three months after a treatment the newly transplanted grafts will shed out making room for hairs to grow in. Shedding is normal and a part of the growth cycle. Hair shedding is taken as a traditional function of the body, because it is common to shed anywhere between fifty to hundred hairs each day. It is, somehow, vital to obviously distinguish between normal shedding and therefore after the procedure shedding of transplanted hair. If you do not get on a prevention choice to stop hair loss, months to years after your transplant will look thin for sure and former hair (non-transplant follicles) will again continue balding after a recovery procedure. Prevention is very important in order to refrain hair fall. Though shedding or shock loss is unavoidable, there are a couple of belongings you consider so as to attenuate the quantity of hairs lost after a procedure like medication, cosmetic products.

Which clinic is producing the best hair transplant results in Lahore Pakistan?

Our clinic is showing and producing persistently excellent hair restoration results in Lahore for the last 21 years.