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Cheap hair transplant Australia is performed at various cities by the Board Certified surgeons. It is the birthplace of the latest method of baldness treatment. The FUE method was first performed here, due to which it is reputed as one of the best destinations for this procedure. The cost is high when compared to countries like Pakistan. This surgery involves shifting of follicles from an area of good growth to an area with poor or no growth. This method involves a high degree of skill and expertise due to which it can be performed by well qualified surgeons. The meticulous nature of the surgery adds to the cost since every surgeon cannot perform this. Another reason is that it takes a lot of care and caution and is very time consuming. All cosmetic surgeries are expensive since a person has to entrust his outlook to a surgeon who must exercise skill and care. 

Fue hair transplant Melbourne Australia

Cheap hair transplant Austria – how to find 

The medical facilities are of high standards and there are numerous surgeons who can perform a surgery with good results however it is very hard to get cheap hair transplant in Australia when we compare with other countries like Pakistan, Thailand and Brazil. 

Popular hair restoration techniques 

The two methods are the strip method and the follicular unit extraction method (FUE). The FUE method was first introduced in this country, which has earned the state a reputation of being the best destination for a quality surgery. This enhances the cost of the procedure. The cost of a procedure may vary according to any individual since it is directly proportional to the amount of work that has to be done to treat baldness. Even so, the charges of the surgery is more than most surgical procedures. This is because it is a specialized treatment and is quite a careful procedure. There are some countries where such surgeries are cheaper than many developed countries of the West. Asian countries like Pakistan , Thailand and Singapore are famous for affordable procedures.

FUT method Vs FUE price comparison 

The strip method is cheaper since it does not involve any special skills. A strip of hair is removed from the donor site and then dissected into smaller units and implanted on the bad patch. The price of the strip method is many times lesser than of FUE procedure. FUE involves extraction of individual follicles from a donor site and then these follicles are implanted on the bald patch. The surgeon has to maintain a natural pattern of follicle transplantation so that the hair looks natural. The care and manual work involved in this procedure makes it much more expensive than the strip method.

Cheap hair transplant in Australia or abroad

The cost of an average procedure is between $4,000 and $9,000, whereas the same kind of surgery costs around $1,500 in Pakistan. This is many times lesser than the cost in Australia. The cost of implants may vary among men and women as well. This is because the male pattern baldness allows a chance of the donor site being on the head and hence extraction is easier. In cases of female pattern baldness, the hair on the scalp becomes thinner over all and sometimes it becomes difficult to extract follicle from the head. The donor site will have to be from anywhere on the body and that is a technical process. In females, the hairs are usually kept longer and it is necessary for the donor site to be matching in texture. The scalp hair grows longer than the body and in order to get a natural look the surgeon has to extract follicles properly and from the right place. This of course will escalate the cost of the procedure.

Cheap hair transplant in Australia is very hard to find and it may not ensure a good result since expensive surgeons are the ones who are more qualified. However, patients have a good option of traveling to Pakistan which is much cheaper, while the surgery results are comparable. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has 21 years experience and visiting Associate Professor in Lyon University France has state of the art clinic in Pakistan. Dr. Ahmad transplants 2000 to 5000 follicles by Fue method in a single session while the price range is 1200 to 1600 $.

Conventional FUT method scar

Cheap hair transplant Australia

what is difference between FUT verses FUE. This patient has strip procedure – linear mark in the donor area while second procedure was performed Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry by Fue hair transplantation and hair regrowth started after 7 days above and below previous linear scar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a cheap hair restoration?

The minimum price one can get is 5000$ in Australia

Who is offering cheap procedure?

There are some clinics offering 10% to 20% discount from time to time. Normally novice clinics or beginners surgeons can give you a discount.

Is cheap hair transplant possible?

No, due to the high cost of medical procedures, material and instruments one should not expect low cost.

Where is the cheapest hair restoration abroad or in the world?

Our clinic in Lahore Pakistan is offering cheapest hair restoration in the world where one can get 2000 to 3000 grafts through FUE technique in 1200-1600$. To contact you may send your hair loss area and donor area close up photos via WhatsApp +923334309999

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