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Cheap hair transplant in Pakistan (Lahore) comparison with different hair loss treatment clinics. There was a time when all cosmetic surgeries were considered expensive because of the kind of simple lifestyles that people were leading. Nowadays, as resources are increasing and people are becoming more and more affluent, cosmetic surgeries and other treatments are within reach. This has of course led to a competition among cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic service providers and hence a further decrease in the cost of these procedures is observed. However, it cannot be said that cosmetic surgeries such as hair restoration or plastic surgery are inexpensive. Some countries are much cheaper than others due to the level of availability and the quality of services. The countries in Southeast Asia are cheaper than the United States or Europe. Pakistan is considered as a medical hub since the experience of surgeons and medical doctors on the whole is more than that of the doctors abroad. Other than this, the kind of services available here are of the same level that is available in the developed countries. One reason for this is that the cosmetic surgeons and technicians have studied abroad or have been trained by experts who have been affiliated with foreign medical associations. Getting cheap hair transplant in Pakistan does not mean your procedure will be compromised .

Receding hairline transplant Lahore Pakistan

The person seeking cheap hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore should do some research on their own in order to conclude which is the best available option. In case of hair treatments, some things have to be kept priority and uncompromised in order to yield best results. The first thing is that the quality of the procedure should be good, secondly the candidate has to seek a clinic that offers a comfortable environment for the procedure and the foremost is the surgeon that is selected. There are many good doctors available in this country who offer flexible payment plans to their patients but do not compromise on the quality of the surgery. There may be many surgeons who are not skilled and do not have well-equipped facilities for their patients and may demand more money. Cost-effective options have to be searched in order to gain satisfactory results. Generally, the cost on a procedure can be as low as $ 500. But the quality of job must be seen and the surgeon chosen must have a history of successful procedures and satisfied clients. Usually, cosmetic surgeons charge for the procedure according to the number of grafts, however, since there is a healthy competition in the market, most of the clinic do not charge a consultation fee and offer affordable packages according to the candidate’s resources. There are also many seasonal offers that are introduced to encourage people to get hair restoration and benefit from the low costs. Not only does this kind of competition improve the cost effectiveness of the treatment but also the quality of the treatment provided. In the local currency, cheap hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore is available between Rs 75,000 to Rs 140,000. The kind of method used can alter the cost of the procedure but generally, this is a good price for lifelong relief from baldness.

Cheap hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore

How much do 3000 hair grafts cost?

The average cost for 3000 grafts in Lahore Pakistan is 125,000 to 150,000 Pak rupee however some cheap clinics offer in the range of 60,000 to 80,000 Pak Rupee.

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