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Cost of hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is according to the degree of baldness. Small session will cost you low as compared to mega or super mega session. It is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries being done all over the world. Men and women alike, anybody and everybody who suffers from genetic baldness opt for this kind of surgery. Apart from hair loss, in case of any accidental scars or illnesses that cause baldness or an unpleasant look ; people turn to hair restoration surgeries. The price has seen a downward trend during the recent past. This is primarily due to an increase in the number of clinics and medical centers offering hair treatments. Since there is a greater demand for this procedure, the competition among doctors has also increased. Due to this competition, this procedure is now affordable to every one. There are special occasions where cost of hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan decreased significantly. 

Cost of hair transplant by the best surgeon

The surgeons performing this kind of an intricate procedure need to be skilled and experienced and due to this the cost of hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is not too less. However, the candidate must keep in mind that in order to improve their look and get rid of baldness, they have to entrust their appearance to a surgeon and therefore the surgeon’s skills and expertise are worth a lot. The price depends on a few factors, such as the surgeon’s skills, clinic environment and facilities and the type of technique required. Many individuals want drastic results while some require lesser amount of hair to cover their head. This is of course in proportion to the cost of the procedure. Normally, surgeons charge according to the number of grafts planted. If there are only 1,000 grafts planted, the cost will naturally be lesser than a procedure that involved transplantation of around 3,000 grafts.


cost of hair transplant in Pakistan

Cost of hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is based on technique. There are two methods of hair regrowth; Strip harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The strip harvesting method is cheaper since it involves the removal of a strip of hair from an area of dense hair growth. Then this strip is further dissected and planted on to the bald patch. The FUE method involves extraction of individual follicles that are transplanted on to the bald area, using individual excision instead of whole strip removing. The FUE method, if used during surgery, is much more expensive than strip harvesting because it involves a greater level of care and expertise on the surgeon’s part. Plus the amount of work involved in this surgery is more and it gives much better results than strip harvest. Strip harvest leaves a mark on the donor area, where staples are used to stitch the wound from strip removal. The overall cost ranges from Rs 75,000 to Rs 150,000 depending on the amount of grafts, number of sessions and surgical skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cost of hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

It depends upon number of factors like surgeon qualification, skill, and experience, location of clinic, training and persistently showing excellent results. Normally a good surgeon charges you 125,000 to 200,000 Pak Rupees.

What is 5000 grafts price?

It is in the range of 200,000 to 300,000 Pak Rupees.

What is 3000 grafts price?

It is 125,000 to 175,000 Pak Rupee.

What is 1000 grafts cost charges range?

It is in the range of 50,000 to 75,000 Pak Rupees.

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