Do hair transplants grow in a natural way?

It is a surgical process in which hair follicles are taken from the back of the head i.e. also known as donor area and fixes it into the bald area on the head i.e. also known as recipient area. This procedure is very effective and shows more accurate results in men and women’s hair loss pattern. When people are deciding to go through this procedure, they ask many questions from the surgeon. One of the questions they ask is: Do hair transplant grow? The answer is ‘’yes” you can get new hair on the bald area of your head but for this natural growth, you have to keep patience for at least 8 to 9 months after the procedure.

Do hair transplants grow
Newly transplanted hair in the front area

Method of hair Restoration:

Before going for hair restoration procedure, it is important for you to have complete knowledge about it.

  • First of all, the surgeon will examine your bald area and make a report about the numbers of grafts you will need to cover your bald area.
  • After it, the surgeon takes hair follicles from the donor area and creates small holes with a needle on the bald area.
  • Now, the surgeon places the hair follicles in the recipient
  • After a few months the transplanted hair will start falling and the growth of original hair will take place and cover your baldness.

Hair growth after hair implant surgery:

The growth of new hair will take time. Normally, it takes two or three months to grow new hair. An average hair restoration procedure takes 9-11 months for full results .Usually, the growth of hair after a transplant procedure varies from person to person but normally, you have to wait for original hair growth for at least one year. After the surgery, transplanted hair will fall in 2 to 4 weeks period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hair transplants grow naturally?

Yes transplanted hair will grow naturally and after trimming or shaving of head, these will regrow again.

Do hair transplants grow immediately after the procedure?

No, transplanted hair will fall or shed in 2 to 4 weeks and these will regrow 3 months after the hair transplant procedure.

Do hair transplants grow permanently?

Yes, once transplanted hair grows, these results are permanent and lifelong.

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