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Female hair transplant Depalpur Okara patient has had a bigger forehead since her childhood and now at the age of 26 years, she wants to lower her frontal hairline and reduce her forehead. Initially she searched on the internet and found two types of procedure. First one is called forehead reduction surgery under general anesthesia and the second type is by lowering the female front hairline thus making the forehead shorter. Therefore, after making the complete research and sending her forehead photos to different clinics of the world through WhatsApp, she came into conclusion , hair transplant procedure to reconstruct hairline is the best option and it will serve three purposes

1-      Procedure will be under local anesthesia thus quick recovery time

2-      Forehead will become smaller or shorter by lowering the hairline

3-      She will have a thick frontal look in the head to give an impressive look.

Female hair transplant Depalpur Okara patient details 

Procedure date  13 Aug 2022
Patient age  26 years 
Plan  Forehead reduction
Technique  Micro FUE
Donor area  Back of head
Duration  5 hours 
Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Contact  +92-333-430-9999


Female hair transplant Depalpur Okara


Fue donor area marking female patient


 Total Grafts Single  Double  Triple   Day
 1794  312  783  699  1


Woman hairline reconstruction

Woman hair restoration one day later

Fue 1794 grafts before after photos female patient

woman Fue donor area before after photo

Is hair restoration surgery successful in females?

Yes, women can get this procedure as female pattern baldness is visible in some patients. It is a successful procedure among women. However, this procedure is not commonly performed in ladies as compared to men. Special skill and expertise are required to redesign the hairline area as the front area hairline is not the same as in men. An expert surgeon like Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry takes special care of the direction and naturalness of the result. 

Is there any hair transplant clinic in Depalpur Okara?

No, it is a small city / town and no qualified surgeon is available here so many people travel to big cities and the nearest city is Lahore where international surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is the top most doctor who is performing surgery among women patients. Dr. Ahmad did his MBBS from King Edward Medical college and specialization from Rene Descartes University Paris and Claude Bernard University Lyon France in this field. He has 22 years’ experience in this field and an Ex – visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard University France. 

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