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Hair growth is mediated according to a cycle which is divided into three phases: catagen, anagen and telogen. Anagen is the active phase in which the hair cells divide. Catagen is the transitional phase and telogen is the resting phase. Our hairs are made up of keratin protein and they are capable of growing up to half an inch in a whole month.

As the age progresses, the hairs might become thin and start to fall. Hair fall can also occur as a result of certain medical conditions. Taking nutrition deficient in protein can also make the thinning. There are several ways of increasing hair growth. They would be discussed one by one. One of the leading causes is the poor diet. Many people experience hair losses while they are on restrictive dieting. Reducing the diet intake reduces the amount of proteins reaching the hairs making them go thin and eventually fall. The recommended daily intake of proteins is 50 grams per day and the people experiencing hair loss should shift themselves towards a balanced diet in order to make their hairs strong and healthy.

Hair growth faster

Research has shown that caffeine infused products have effects on increasing the hair growth. A variety of such products are available in the market, containing a blend of caffeine, vitamins, clover and other premium oils. Such products act as energy boosters and growth promoters for follicles. They are found to increase the follicular development at molecular and cellular level by improving the flow of proteins and blood. They have shown promising results in males as well as in females. Essential oils, which are also part of these formulations, have shown to promote growth. Essential oils include jojoba oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil and pumpkin seeds oil.  These oils have been shown to improve texture and divisions of cells. One fact to consider here is that essential oils should not be applied directly onto the scalp. They should be mixed with other oils and then applied to the scalp. This is because of the fact that that direct application of essential oils to the scalp can irritate or damage the skin. They are toxic and a few drops of them should be mixed with other oils and then they should be applied on the scalp.

Hair growth can be increased by boosting up the nutrient profile. A healthy body is necessary for healthy hairs, if you are providing correct nutrition to the body, adequate nutrition will be provided to your hairs by your body. Certain vitamins, omega fatty acids and minerals are not only good for health but they are also found to improve hair condition and strength. They include omega-6, omega-3, vitamin D, vitamin B, vitamin C and biotin. Researchers have shown that using these nutrients have profound effects on hair health. They are available in the form of supplements in pharmacies at affordable prices. Another technique to promote growth includes massaging the scalp with oils. There are certain oils that have been used for centuries as growth enhancers. They include coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil and mustard oil. They are easily available. They are massaged into the scalp. They can be used as such or after heating. They penetrate deep in the scalp improving the texture of the scalp. They increase the flow of blood to the hairs. More flow brings more nutrients to the hair strands. The cells of hairs start growing faster due to the adequate availability of proteins and nutrients.

Undergoing harmful treatments can reduce the hair growth. These treatments include straightening, blow drying, curling and dyeing. Straightening and blow drying provide extreme heat , as our hairs are made up of proteins, their structural unit gets denatured. This causes damaged and frizzy hairs which are more prone to breakage. Curling irons not only heat damage but also make them rough. Dyeing makes them prone to the harmful effects of chemicals. Bleaches used to fade the natural color of hairs also leaves them damaged. Avoiding these procedures can definitely improve the hair growth. Use of heat protectants such as argon oil can mask the damage of these techniques to some extent. Several medications are available which can be used to stimulate division of  follicles. They may be OTC and prescription medicines. Corticosteroids, minoxidil and finasteride have proven efficacy in treating the thinning hairs. However, they should only be taken after discussing the problem with your doctor. As these medications are always associated with some degree of side effects, they should never be taken without consultation. The doctor will observe your medical and family history and detect the root cause; which will help him in prescribing the correct medicine.

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A medical procedure known to increase hair growth is platelet rich plasma treatment, PRP. In this procedure, blood is taken from the patient which is then subjected to ultracentrifugation. This separates the plasma and the blood cells. Plasma contains platelets which are then injected back into that part of the body of the patient which requires increase in growth. Injecting plasma rich platelets into the scalp promotes the cell division of hairs. This treatment also seems to awake the follicles in resting phase to active phase, making them grow. Several other ways to increase the growth include skipping daily washing of hairs. Daily washing with shampoos does more harm than benefit. This might cause the scalp to dry off the natural oils which help in hair development. Shifting your lifestyle can also address this issue. This includes taking less stress; taking stress reducing therapies such as meditation, as stress is another factor that causes the shedding. Try using a silk pillow to sleep. Silk pillow can decrease the frizz and make the hairs smooth. Leaving your hair uncombed can result in tangles which can lead to breakage. Combing regularly, and with a wooden comb can improve blood flow and distribution of natural oils which improve the hair growth.

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