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Hair Loss After Pregnancy

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Hair loss after pregnancy is completely normal and this is due to change in the hormones. It is considered to be one of the main physical changes that most women experience after they give birth. Women usually lose around 25 hairs minimum per day whether this takes place by brushing or simply washing it. However, hair loss after pregnancy increases because the nutrients in the woman’s body aren’t that sufficient anymore and this causes the hair to be really weak. Being a new mother usually requires responsibility and it can be very difficult for the mother to take care of herself or even notice that some aspects of her body are changing.

The main reason why hair loss after pregnancy takes place is because estrogen or progesterone isn’t stable and this is what usually maintains the hair. When the baby is finally delivered, the woman’s scalp will become very thick and this results in the hair breaking easily. However, your hair won’t fall to the extent of balding so you have nothing to worry about. The only cases where it will is when the woman is already suffering from other problems such stress or hereditary problems. Birth control also plays a factor in hair fall because it alters the estrogen levels as well. Some women can begin experiencing shedding after they start taking birth control where others won’t suffer from any changes at all. Cosmetic chemicals are also one of the main reasons why women can suffer from hair loss and this is why you need to try to avoid using bleaches and dyes all the time.

Women can also use shampoos that are specifically created for this issue. However, these shampoos are usually more expensive than ordinary shampoos. Eating a lot of vitamins A and E can also strengthen your health and enhance growth.  It is essential that you don’t brush your hair after you step out of the shower and put it in braids. If none of these tips work for you, then this means that you will have to visit a professional. :- The best way to understand whether a surgeon is credible or not is by checking the reviews that previous patients left them. The last thing you want is suffering from additional shedding because you didn’t bother researching the surgeon you’re planning to follow your treatment with. Other techniques can also be used but hair transplant is known for being the most effective one that has permanent results. However, this should be the last chance because hair loss that takes place after pregnancy can easily be fixed using simple treatments. Following these guidelines will ensure that you won’t suffer from any additional shedding.

Which clinic is offering the best treatment for hair loss after pregnancy in Lahore Pakistan?

Postpartum hair shedding is a common problem and we are specialists to treat such kinds of problems at our clinic in Lahore Pakistan.

How can I get an appointment for check up?

To get free consultation and check up, you need to call for an appointment or take photos of your head and send via WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999