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Hair loss clinic Islamabad provides you free consultation and estimate of treatment. Everyone that is suffering from baldness and hair loss is always in search of a permanent treatment. Hair transplant is a treatment that can give you permanent hairs back within a few months. This treatment is accessible in Pakistan like all other countries. It is affordable and economical treatment in the country. Pakistan is one of the developed countries of South Asia that is located near Arabian Sea. It is also one of the most populous countries of the world. It is famous for its unique culture, diverse languages, cuisines and heritage. Though basic health facilities are not provided to many of the citizens, you can find the high quality treatments in some cities. You can obtain all types of cosmetic surgeries including hair restoration . Such kinds of surgeries are the most effective and permanent baldness treatment in Islamabad . You can find this treatment in many cities of the country. These treatments are usually expensive and cost high as compared to other herbal and medicated treatments. Hair transplant cost Islamabad is not as high as compared to the high developed countries around the globe. Within the last few years, prices incurred on such surgeries have lowered significantly. This is due to a high competition in this industry. This competition makes it easy for bald patients to get this procedure at a very low cost, but with excellent results from some clinic in his or her area. You can find famous and renowned clinics in big cities of the country including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar. In these clinics,  surgeons are charging a reasonable amount of fees to give you hair back on the scalp. Hair loss clinic Islamabad has different treatment options which include medical as well as surgical.

Different clinics calculate prices  depending upon their own calculation method. In a few clinics, they offer all customers the same package regardless of their baldness level. Most clinics charge according to the number of grafts or follicles  that are needed by patients. Online grafts calculators are on the internet which can help Pakistanis to check the estimated price of their treatment. They can also ask about price estimation from their surgeon. Initial consultancy in almost every clinic of the country is free of any cost. Patients only need to make an appointment with the surgeon before their arrival. In this session, the surgeon makes a detailed examination of their scalp. He informs the patient how much grafts he will require and in which areas of the scalp. After this, he can estimate the accurate price of overall hair treatment. This is the most authentic way to get an accurate estimation of hair restoration surgery.

Average cost of follicular unit transplant or traditional strip surgical method ranges from seventy thousand Pakistani Rupees to one hundred and fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees. Average rate of a single FUT graft is from forty to seventy Pakistani Rupees. Follicular unit extraction is much more expensive than traditional strip surgical methods in Pakistan. It is estimated that the average rate of a single FUE graft ranges from eighty to one hundred and thirty Pakistani Rupees. This price is very less as compared to that charged for hair transplant in the United States. You need to have four thousand to thirty two thousand dollars in the United States if you want to get this procedure. Due to the low prices of hair restoration surgeries in Pakistan, people from developed countries of the world are coming here to get treatment. Health visas are obtainable these days and they help bald patients of developed countries to get their treatment at a very low cost in Pakistan. They do not only get hair restoration surgery at a lesser price, but they also get the high quality treatment same like their own home country. Thousands of tourists and foreigners got their excellent hair restoration treatment from Pakistan every year. You can find such clinics that offer a very low Hair Transplant Cost in  Islamabad Pakistan. You should inquire and investigate about such clinics offering a low price hair loss treatment in Pakistan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an average hair loss treatment cost in Islamabad?

Hair loss solution is possible through medicine and PRP and the price range is 10,000 to 20,000 Pak Rupee. However surgical treatment for baldness is 60 to 80 Rs per graft in Islamabad.

What is FUE hair loss treatment cost in Islamabad?

An average FUE procedure cost is 75000 to 150,000 Pak Rupee in Islamabad.

What is FUT hair loss treatment cost in Islamabad?

The FUT procedure cost is 80,000 Pak Rupee in Islamabad. 

Where can i get best price for hair restoration in Pakistan?

You can get best price from our clinic and procedure will be performed by an experienced and France qualified surgeon. To contact call or WhstsApp +92-333-430-9999