Hair loss solutions in Lahore Pakistan are being performed by qualified doctors and skin specialists. It is a problem that can affect not only the personality, but also your relations and self-respect. Many hair loss solutions are available in market to help you and each of them claiming to be the most effective. You can go for any of them advice by your doctor. If you are suffering from baldness, you do not need to sit helplessly in home and watch your hair falling frequently. Many treatments are available these days to prevent this problem. It is obvious that baldness can affect personality of a person by lowering his self-esteem and decreasing the confidence level. But different solutions and remedies are available to prevent this issue. It is important to understand the reason that is making hairs shedding from the scalp. After identifying the main cause, you can go for any treatment that suit your baldness type and severity of problem.

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If you are searching hair loss solutions in Lahore Pakistan, you can find that many people are promising such treatments that can cure your problem forever. These are just tricks of fooling you and snatching your money. Go to the internet and search random websites or you can watch advertisements on television; you will be astonished to find out that hundreds of products are available. Each of those products is claiming to be the only and permanent hair growing solution. You will abundantly find herbal medicines, tonics, ointments and creams. It is advised to visit a dermatologist rather than using these so-called medicines. Your dermatologist will guide you about the treatments of your problem. He will find out the possible cause of baldness and recommend a solution according to it. After getting his advice, you can go for surgery or medicines.

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Hair loss solutions in Lahore Pakistan, two medicines are highly recommended. These two medicines are available that can help in preventing further baldness . Minoxidil marketed as Rogaine is one of these medicines that help in getting rid of hair fall. It is available in the form of a lotion and needed to apply externally on the scalp. It should be used twice a day to get good results. Some side-effects such as irritation and redness can be due to this medicine. Finasteride known as Propecia is another medicine to cure hair loss. It is available in form of a pill. It is especially recommended in male pattern baldness. It regulates the production of DHT hormone in the body. It not only helps in preventing , but also re grows after sometime. If uses of these medicines are discontinued, the problem will be started again. You can also loss again on your scalp. The only permanent and effective hair loss solutions in Pakistan Lahore are surgical and these are known as hair transplants. It is the only available treatment that restores your natural hairs. In this procedure, follicles are used to treat baldness. Follicles are that units which contain one to four hairs and they are responsible for growth. This treatment transplants the healthy follicles from one portion of scalp to another. You do not have to wait for years to see regrowth. Within ninety days of transplant surgery, you will notice new hairs in bald portion of the scalp.

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What are the best hair loss solutions in Lahore Pakistan for men and women?

The basic step is diagnosis in the initial free checkup at our clinic as causes are different among male and females. After making a proper diagnosis , treatment options are discussed with the patient. 

Best doctor for hair loss in Lahore Pakistan

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is a best doctor for hair loss treatment in Lahore. He is a French Board of hair restoration surgery certified and has 21 years experience. He has performed more than 16000 successful surgeries and unlimited therapies. To get an appointment you may call +92-333-430-9999