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Hair loss treatment Australia

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Hair loss in Australia is an increasing issue and there has been a lot of study in order to look for effective solutions.  The latest method of hair surgery was tried and it has now become the most sought after technique all over the world. We will see how the hair restoration surgery and other treatments work. Baldness is a cosmetic issue that also impacts the person’s lifestyle. A person suffering from androgenetic alopecia becomes conscious of his appearance and often feels shy and under confident. This may lead to more serious consequences such as aloofness or poor professional performance. In order to help people gain back confidence, many advancements have been made in the cosmetic treatments. Hair restoration methods of various types are available for individuals suffering from male or female pattern baldness. 

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These may be the non surgical methods such as laser therapy or usage of medicinal lotions, but the most effective and long lasting is the hair restoration surgery. The number of people getting this treatment is increasing since there is an increase in the number of people suffering from hair fall. While looking for a place or surgeon to treat hair loss, a patient keeps two factors in mind; the final result and the cost. In Australia, the medical facilities are of high quality but the cost is very high. This is why many patients with a limited budget travel to cheaper countries such as Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are several surgeons who treat a large number of patients each day hence their experience is vast. Apart from this, since there is a lot of medical tourism to Pakistan, there are all types of patients and therefore surgeons have immense skills through dealing with various kinds of cases. 

Hair restoration methods Lahore Pakistan

Hair restoration surgery is basically performed in two ways; strip harvest and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Strip method is much cheaper since it involves lesser skills than FUE method. The hair transplant clinics in Pakistan carry out hair implantation using both the methods while FUE remains more popular. 

The latest advancement in the world of hair transplant has been the Neograft FUE device. It is a mechanical device that removes follicles and then plants them on the bald patch. This method leaves no marks and allows a large number of grafts to be planted. The Neograft is cheaper than the FUE manual method since it is a mechanical procedure. This is because it leaves no scars and gives a much more natural look and lifelong results. Even then, many people prefer manual surgery since they depend more on human judgment than a robotic machine. Hair clinics are located in all the major cities of Pakistan. With time, people are gaining resources and therefore the trend of hair restoration for concealing baldness and to look better has become quite common in Pakistan. This has caused a large number of people turn towards natural hair growing procedure since it provides a permanent solution for hair loss and baldness. It is advisable that a candidate must do some research prior to the hair surgery in order to look for a good surgeon and a good clinic. For hair loss surgery, the environment must be comfortable and soothing. Hair implant procedures are done under local anesthesia and the recipient is awake during the process. Before the procedure, the scalp is cleaned properly and the surgeon gives a post surgery care routine, which must be followed in order to get everlasting results. In Pakistan, the surgeons and doctors are amicable and can be reached at all times in case of a query or problem. Some of the surgeons provide free of cost follow up sessions to satisfy their patients completely.

Hair loss treatments in Australia are very result yielding but expensive. We have given an introduction of the quality of services being provided in Pakistan for all the people in search of a quality procedure at a better cost. When we compare hair transplant cost in Pakistan with Australia, the prices are 60% low in Pakistan.

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