Best hair loss treatment in Lahore & causes 

Hair loss can be due to following number of reasons:

  • Physical Stress: Any kind of physical trauma like surgery, accident, illness or even Flu.

  • Pregnancy: Most of the hair fall occurs after the baby is born.

  • Too much Vitamin (A): over eating of vitamin A causes hair loss.

  • Lack of Protein: If you don’t take enough protein in your diet.

  • Male pattern Baldness: Its causes by combo of genes and male sex hormones.

  • Heredity: Its also known as female loss pattern.

  • Emotional Stress: it is very common reason now days due to our present life style.

  • Medication: Certain medications have their side effects and as a result thinning of hair.

  • Thyroid disease: If your Thyroid gland is over active or inactive, it can cause hair thinning or shedding.

10- General Anesthesia: causes after three months.

11- Anemia: it is a health condition with hair fall as a common symptom.

12- Hair Appliances: Excess use of hair appliances like straighteners and curlers.

13- Diet:  It matters a lot that what you eating?

14- Fungal Infections: In some cases a scalp infection may cause partial or patches of baldness.

15- Environmental issues: Pollutant in air and water  may cause it.

16- Lastly Aging: unfortunately as we age, our follicles can Damage and cause hair loss.

Hair loss treatment through hair transplant

It’s true that men lose their hair more than women which is known as MALE PATTERN BALDNESSsometimes we mix the thinning and loss of hair. Now a days the condition is becoming common for women as women lose their self confidence and self esteem. It has a negative impact on their lives. If someone’s hairs are falling, they should not get panic. They should undergo hair loss treatments in Lahore  which are available. Most popular among all is the surgical method. This process has a high rate of success among the people with most satisfying results. Treatment of baldness by medical or surgical means is best carried out after the reason is diagnosed. For some persons medical treatment is most effective. The latest procedures which most surgeons are performing are FUT, FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction and PRP is also common.

Hair loss Prevention:

It can be prevented by good hair hygiene with regular shampooing. Good nutrition especially lot of iron and Vitamin B is helpful and last but not least is the treatment of medical conditions like Thyroid, Anemia and hormonal imbalances. Hair thinning is a very serious issue which is thankfully, now addressed more and more advanced treatments. Research centers are being dedicated to discover the factors that contribute hair fall. It is a very common issue. It is not life-threatening; through it can have devastating psychological effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the best hair loss treatments in Lahore?

The best treatment options are medicine, mesotherapy, Platelet rich plasma and Micro needling stem cells activation technique. 

Which clinic is performing PRP for hair loss treatment in Lahore?

Our hair clinic in Lahore is performing PRP treatment in Lahore.

What is the cost range of medical hair loss treatment in Lahore?

The cost range for medical treatments for hair fall control is 10,000 to 22000 Pak Rupees.

How to get an appointment for check up in Lahore?

For check up you may call or WhatsApp to get an appointment +92-333-430-9999

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