Hair procedure for balding

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Hair procedure for balding in Lahore Pakistan is performed at our clinic by a foreign qualified surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. There are many hair procedures for balding people which they have to undergo to restore their scalp hair. In the past, there was no concept of restoration of hair and bald people have to spend their whole life either with a partial or full shaved scalp. Their wish cannot come true to have their natural look like other normal people. The people did not even think about getting a transplant and restoring their natural look. In the present days, the scenario is different from the past. The advancement in the field of medicine has been revolutionized. Therefore, the person who has baldness genes in their chromosomes and becomes bald at any stage of life can think of restoration of their natural and charming look. The hair procedure for balding is a blessing for all those persons who care a lot about their natural look. They often visit the different transplant clinics and consult many physicians and experts and ultimately they undergo the treatment and restore their natural look.


Baldness treatment clinic Lahore Pakistan


Different hair procedures for balding in Lahore 

There are many hair procedures for balding people. These all procedures vary a little bit but the ultimate objective is common in all. Thus, the consequences are the same but the side effects are somewhat different in each. The first is Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) in which the physician makes an incision at the donor side of the skin. The strip of skin is taken and the site from which this strip is cut is called the donor site. Usually, the donor site, from which the hair to be moved is taken, is the backside of the scalp. In males, however, the donor sites available are more. The donor site can be a beard or chest. The physician has to look first that there is enough grafts present at the donor site. If the demand is to be met then this is taken as a donor site. Then, the physician closes the incised area of skin with stitches. In Follicular Unit Extraction, the follicles are extracted instead of cutting the strip. Thus, there is no incision made. The extracted follicles are then separated. At the recipient site, the physician makes tiny holes with the help of micro needles and then implants these extracted follicles. In a Hybrid type of transplant, both Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction are performed simultaneously. The strip of skin is cut just as FUT and follicles are separated. Then these separated follicles are implanted in the recipient site like FUE.

Hair procedure for balding

Robotic procedure for baldness treatment in Lahore

The next hair procedure for balding is the Robotic type. In this technique, the ARTAS system of robots first estimates the donor and recipient sites. Then follicles are extracted from the donor site. These extracted follicles are then separated automatically with the help of Algorithms and software and are then implanted to the recipient site. The modern technique undergoing nowadays is NeoGraft transplant. In this modern technique, there is no incision made and follicles are extracted using a wand, which is extracted using vacuum creation techniques. The follicles are extracted after the creation of the vacuum and then implanted these follicles using the same tool. Thus, this type of treatment has one advantage as follicles are extracted in the vacuumed environment and also grafted in the same way, so there is a minimum chance of damage to follicles. Further, during insertion, there is the least chance to damage the nerves of the scalp.

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Hair procedure for balding is beneficial but has some side effects as well. As in the case of FUT, a linear scar is left. In FUE and other techniques, itching, swelling and bleeding are usually common. Care must be taken after the treatment. Direct contact must be prevented to avoid any physical damage to the operated site. The treatment may be completed in a single session or multiple sessions. This also depends on the number of grafts to be moved. In a single session, the grafts moved are usually 2,000 to 3,000. The cost of the treatment also ranges from 40,000 to 150,000 PKR in a single session of surgery. However, multiple sessions cost may reach up to 250,000. The cost varies from place to place and from physician to physician, as the skill of one physician is different from the other. Similarly, very few surgeons are available who are expert in the NeoGraft transplant. Therefore, the cost of this type of treatment is also very high. Before undergoing the surgery, the patient must look and find the best physician and technique to get better results with the least side effects. What is the best in your case, you may send close up photos.

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