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Hair regeneration Lahore

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Hair regeneration Lahore is performed by stem cells & PRF at our clinic successfully. It is an advanced process employed to treat thinning and hair loss by the use of adult stem cells. Stem cells are specialized types of cells having wound healing properties that help the damaged cells to regrow. This procedure is non-invasive and utilizes extracellular matrix, platelet rich plasma and vitamin D as its main constituents. Extracellular matrix, ECM, is a turbid matrix surrounding the space around the cells. It attracts the stem cells and releases substances that result in increased blood flow when a cell, surrounded by ECM, undergoes any damage. It is used in hair regeneration to heal the progenitor cells which initiates the growth of healthy hairs. The other constituent, plasma rich in platelet, PRP, has been used in a variety of conditions to improve healing caused by damage. It is a serum rich in proteins and growth factors. This is used in the treatment of many medical conditions such as oral, cosmetic and orthopedic surgery. Another important part of the injectable solution is vitamin D which provides the essential nutrients and speeds up the conversion of tissue culture to follicles that are matured enough for implantation into the scalp and initiate hair growth.

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Trichostem cell hair regrowth Lahore


Hair regeneration Lahore specialist clinic & cost 

PRF therapy usually requires more than one treatment. These treatments are planned at an interval of four to six weeks. After the therapy, maintenance treatments are required every five months’ interval. The prices are different for initial three week treatments and maintenance treatments. Usually, the price of initial three week treatments ranges from 30,000 PKR to 45,000 PKR. The cost of injection is separate and it costs about 15,000 PKR. There are a number of factors which influence the cost of treatment. These factors include the geographical region one has chosen for undergoing the treatment and the distance of the place with his residency. If the place is far from walking distance, travel allowance might also contribute an increased burden on the patient. The quality of equipment available at the hair restoration center, too, has an impact on the overall cost of treatment. Clinics using equipment of advanced quality and precision might be a little more expensive than those using outdated equipment. The addition of nutritive components, is also an add on to the total price of treatment. The nutrients to be added are decided on the basis of the cause of hair loss.

Hair regrowth treatment in Lahore Pakistan

Hair growth can be increased by availing the treatments available in several clinics, offered by specialists. The hair growth can also be increased by other remedies that give promising results and have been used over ages. These remedies include scalp massages, oils and meditation therapies to increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the scalp. Hair transplants are offered throughout the globe that can be employed. These are invasive procedures and include wound formation and visible scars which are unlikely for many patients and the reason that a majority of the population is shifting to non-invasive, hair regeneration treatments. The exact mechanism behind a PRP treatment for regrowth of hairs is still unknown. A solution containing a mixture of platelet rich plasma, extracellular matrix and vitamin D is injected into the scalp. The stem cells present in the solution containing the wound healing properties play an important role in improving the growth and improve their quality in terms of strength and volume. The results are quick and visible. This non operative process is preferred by the major population for management of hair loss in men and women. This treatment does not have a direct effect on blood DHT levels.

Is hair regeneration possible in Lahore Pakistan

The answer to this question is positive. The people who have undergone this procedure seem to be satisfied by the results. It improves the survival rate of hair transplant grafts. The miraculous healing properties of the serum improves the growth rate of implanted  follicles. The condition of the thinning is also improved among the patients who suffered from hair thinning problems previously. It claims to reverse progressive future hair loss which is the feature that is not covered by hair transplantation. The bimodal ECM contains the basement membrane rich in phospholipids that release chemical mediators for attracting epithelial and endothelial cells. As a result, a massive blood supply and stem cells are attracted to the area resulting in faster growth and reversing the thinning. This way, a better volume is achieved. The hairs grown, as a result, are also stronger and resistant to damage and breakage. This condition persists if maintenance treatments are availed timely and proper diet is consumed. The patients are advised to take protein rich diets. If the hair loss is as a result of DHT, DHT receptor blocker medications are prescribed after treatment.

Trichostem treatment in Lahore Pakistan

Trichostem treatment is another name used for hair regeneration by PRP therapy. The progenitor cells; adult stem cells are signaled by the dermal papilla which have surrounded the hair follicles. This mediates the healing of damaged follicles and increased hair growth. This is a non-surgical and non-scarring technique where ECM and PRP solution is injected directly into the scalp with the help of a customized injection. This customized injection can be made by taking into consideration individual requirements of different patients and cause of hair fall. The duration of a single treatment is 2 hours and the results are visible in 30 days. The results might take some time to show in women because the presence of longer hairs hides the shorter growing hairs. 

Trichostem cells side effects 

The potential side effects of trichostem treatment include infection, nerve injuries, pain at injection site and tissue damage. You should discuss these potential risk factors prior to the procedure with your expert. It is used as an alternative to surgical procedures. It eliminates the scar formation and surgical invasion of the scalp. The results are also fast and permanent with fewer side effects.

Where can I get hair regeneration treatment in Lahore Pakistan?

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