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Hair replacement Australia

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A person suffering from hair loss seeks a procedure that brings out the maximum results in the minimum period of time. This is why hair transplantation surgery is the most sought after procedure. In Australia, there are many well qualified surgeons who perform this surgery. There are many methods of restoration for people suffering from baldness. However, the most effective method is the F.U.E.. It is the procedure of replacing the hair that has fallen off, with the hair that is present on the scalp, or any other part of the body. This is done by removing grafts from an area of good growth and planting it in an area of poor or no growth. The methods used are basically of two types. The Strip harvest  deals with removal of a strip of skin containing hair from a dense growth area such as the back of the head or above the ears. This strip is then dissected into smaller units and then planted on to the bald patch. The other method, which has a greater success rate and requires more skill, is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE involves the extraction of individual follicles and then plantation of these follicles on to the bald patch. Every follicle has to be planted in a separate incision, which is like a slight cut in the skin. With later techniques, incision is also not necessary since the surgeon places the graft into the pore like opening in a tucking motion. These surgeries are being carried out in a large number everywhere in the world. It must be noted that hair loss is a problem that is faced all over the world, and more and more people opt for a surgical cure. However, this does not ensure that high quality procedures are being carried out everywhere. There are a few destinations which are popular for these surgeries. Australia is one of the few places which have the reputation of being a hub of FUE surgery. This is because this surgery was first conducted in the country and there are very well reputed surgeons there. However, the cost of the procedure in Australia might not be within reach for a large number of people who then turn to cheaper destinations such as Pakistan. Pakistan is gaining the reputation of being a good place for quality medical treatments. A candidate gets a worthy treatment without having to pay a lot since the surgeons have vast experience from performing numerous procedures every day. For any medical treatment and surgery it is necessary for the patient to be at ease and in a comfortable environment. There is no doubt that this can be done in Pakistan where surgeons are known for their amicable nature. It is easy for a person in Australia to contact a surgeon in Pakistan. All he has to do is send an email with the picture of his balding scalp. The surgeon sends back an assessment report of the number of grafts and final cost needed for the surgery. Once all the initial matters are settled, the patient can travel to Pakistan. Hair replacement methods such as use of wigs are not at all preferred any more since they appear very unnatural and uncomfortable. Wigs are stuck to the scalp using adhesives which cause itching, especially when the person’s own hair underneath the piece starts to grow back.

 Hair replacement in Australia is performed using the latest techniques. This method is the most effective and result yielding while the period of full coverage is only a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of hair replacement in Australia?

Normally the price is 1000$ to 2000$ in Australia.

Hair replacement in Australia is the best option for baldness?

No, it is not the best option as this system is synthetic and artificial and you have to go again and again for maintenance.

Where can I get?

There are many centers in Australia and you may get from anywhere.

What is the permanent solution for baldness?

The permanent solution is hair transplant surgery.

Where can I get cheap FUE hair transplant Abroad?

FUE hair restoration price is 5000$ to 15000$ and many patients travel to our clinic abroad and we offer 2000-3500 grafts in 1400$ only. To contact you may WhatsApp +923334309999 close up photos of baldness.