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Hair restoration Canada patient traveled to our clinic abroad for baldness treatment where he got 2000 grafts extraction and placement in the frontal zones of the head. This procedure is for male and female pattern baldness. The problem has increased during recent years and in countries like Canada, where the diet is very refined and may be considered unhealthy, a large number of people suffer from baldness. The medical research has resulted in introduction of several methods of regrowth. 

Hair restoration Canada patient details 

Procedure date 19 Aug 2022
Patient age 32 years 
PlanFrontal zones
Donor area Back & sides
Technique Micro FUE
Punch size 0.8 mm
Surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Contact +92-333-430-9999

Hair restoration Canada patient

Latest hair restoration techniques in Canada 

It is a developed country where the latest techniques and treatments are available for hair loss. The methods of hair regeneration may be non surgical such as the laser therapy or use of Minoxidil and Propecia. The laser therapy uses heat energy from laser to invigorate follicles which then become viable and a strand grows out of it. The use of Propecia and Minoxidil is to eradicate the formation of certain hormonal compounds which cause hair to become weak and fall out. However, these procedures are very slow and require daily routines to be followed. Patients often lose patience and eventually give up. This is why the surgical method of hair restoration in Canada is most popular. 

Basic technique for baldness treatment 

Patients can see maximum results within a year of surgery. The surgery is basically the shifting of graft from an area of good growth to an area of baldness. This is an efficient procedure which yields good results and not only finishes hair fall but also covers the areas that have already been damaged. This method was initially used to treat patients who had irregular baldness due to accidental scars or burns. It was due to the successful results, that this procedure became a cosmetic treatment and since then millions of people have been able to improve their look by getting this surgery done. 

Hair transplant cost in Canada Vs abroad 

There are many countries where hair replacement surgery is extremely expensive and out of reach of many people. Canada is one of these expensive destinations. In some cases, the patient has acute issues which need more care and caution due to which the procedure may cost more and this becomes out of reach of many people. Countries such as Pakistan, where there are cheap facilities available, are known for cheap hair loss treatments, while the results are amazingly successful. The percentage of satisfied customers is accelerating and this can be observed by studying the testimonials of various patients and the reputation of any surgeon can be judged by the information available on the website. The low cost of a procedure in Pakistan causes a huge influx of patients and this means that the surgeons there perform hundreds of cases every day. This adds to their experience and skill and hence they are more sought after than the surgeons of any country where the procedure is costly. 

Good surgeon selection 

Due to healthy competition among surgeons, the cost of the procedure may be lesser and this way the patient can benefit from the low cost. The surgeons performing hair transplantation have to be skilled and experienced but they also need an artistic hand in order to produce the results that appear natural and healthy. Apart from artistry, the surgeon has to possess a good nature so that the patient is at ease and can discuss any ambiguity in order to have a comfortable experience. It is easy for a person to contact a surgeon in Pakistan since the world has contracted through the use of the Internet. This makes the patient select a good surgeon and then arrange travel and accommodation plans. The hair regrowth method is available all over the world but in countries where there are more patients approaching the surgeons and this enhances the skills and expertise of the surgeons, hence making them more sought after.

Hair restoration Canada is performed using various methods and techniques which are in accordance with the highest standards of medical practice.

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