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Hair restoration clinic Oman price comparison with abroad Pakistan. A lot of people have the problem of baldness . Several clinics offer these facilities in the country. Many people have got natural healthy hair back through surgery here or abroad  or the scalp surgery. Oman also known as Sultanate, an Arab state located in Southwest Asia. It shares borders with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Historically, It is a kingdom and struggled with Portugal and Britain for control over Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. During its rule in 19th century, they had power from the Strait of Hormuz to Iran and even present -day Pakistan. Later on, when their control was reduced, the United Kingdom had a great impact on the country though it never became an official state of Britain. The country has mature armed and political relationships with the United Kingdom and United States along with its independent foreign policy.  The country’s parliament has few powers. The country’s economy is dependent on the oil industry and it’s one of the developed Arab countries around. The problem of baldness is present in people of the country including both men and women. Men most commonly have the baldness pattern in the scalp which is also called “androgenic alopecia”. For the patients suffering from aforementioned disease, daily hair fall is up to hundred strands every day.  But the situation can be different as well.  If the hair loss is more than that, such people should see a specialist immediately. If the hair fall problem is in the early stage, there is a good possibility to get treated with the help of medicines. In the later stages, it becomes worse and almost impossible to stop .

Hair restoration clinic Oman patient

Best hair loss treatment in Oman 

For the purpose of hair loss treatment, people in the country have many solutions available which do not require surgeries. These are traditional years old ways of treating this problem. Some people go for herbal and homeopathic treatments too in order to re grow their hair from the scalp. In the case of medication, only two medicines are allowed by the United States FDA.  But these are beneficial only for the people who have just encountered hair fall.  First one is called Finasteride, which has a great use for men having pattern baldness. The quantity is two milligram tablets every day. The use of medicine results in normalization of DHT hormones in the body. These hormones control hair fall during androgenic alopecia. The other medicine is Minoxidil, which is also beneficial in restoring the hair. Usually it’s a kind of lotion or foam that is used on the scalp. Patients can use this medicine on the portion having active problems. The good thing about these drugs is that they are really low cost and cheap enough to be afforded by everyone.  For results, it is necessary to use them every day for a few months or else the anticipated outcome will not be there. 

Permanent baldness treatment in Oman

It is one of the developed countries and here people are very busy in their lives. It’s really hard for the people living in the country to get enough time to use these drugs every day and restore their hair. Most of the people go for hair transplant surgeries because of these reasons. Surgical treatments proved to be really effective for baldness. Specialized clinics are there and expert surgeons do the surgeries. Patients can easily locate good quality clinics. There is a lot of related information available on the internet. Usually friends, colleagues and family members guide each other in these matters. Several forums are also useful while searching for a good clinic.

The best hair restoration clinic Oman

The country has all advanced technologies and instruments for hair loss treatment. Clinics are technically advanced and perform procedures in a clean healthy environment.  Many experienced experts are there who are involved in these operations. They try to minimize the treatment side-effects. Those who are looking for advice or opinion regarding their hair implant surgery can get free of cost advice. Operations performed previously by the clinic are also helpful in evaluating its quality of surgery. Most of the clinics keep pre and post-surgical photos of their patients.

Latest Surgical techniques for baldness treatment 

Surgical hair transplants are of two types. The very common one is known as “Follicular Unit Transplant”. This is one of the old ways of surgery using a trip surgical method. Here all the follicles are taken at one time from one area. The second method is relatively latest and is called “Follicular Unit Extraction”. In this type, individual  follicles are taken. It results in less pain and scars after surgery. Hair Restoration in Oman is an expensive treatment and a lot of money is spent to get a good treatment. Now-a-days people go to countries like Pakistan in order to get treatment at a low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there any doctor offering FUE technique?

Yes there are very few clinics that are offering FUE technique.

Where can I find the best clinic ?

You may search on internet to find the best hair transplant clinic

Is there any hair restoration clinic in Oman that can repair bad results?

There are very few skilled surgeons who can repair poor results of previous bad procedures.

Where can I find cheap hair transplant clinics abroad?

You may send your hair loss / baldness area close up photos and our surgeon is skilled and has 23 years experience and repaired many cases by taking hair from beard and body. 

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