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Hair restoration in Italy Rome Venice Florence Milan-Italy is a developed European state where all the basic amenities of life are available. The specialized treatments such as hair restoration procedures are also done using the best techniques. The most effective and popular procedure of hair regrowth is the hair transplant surgery. Hair loss issues have been increasing during recent years and medical studies have come up with various methods to help people restore their hair growth. These methods are of different types, out of which the hair regrowth surgery is the most result yielding and long lasting. The procedure is basically the shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no growth. This procedure was first done in the early 1950s to help conceal baldness caused by accidental scarring and burns. It is due to the phenomenal success of this surgery that it became a cosmetic procedure and has been helping people for a long time now. The initial methods were not as natural and permanent as the methods in use today. Often, a surgery produced a bumpy scalp or clumped hair growth like a doll’s hair. The methods in use today are the strip method and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. The strip method involves removal of strips from an area of good growth, also called the donor site. This strip is then dissected into smaller units and planted on the balding patch. The wound of the strip removal leaves a scar at the donor site which can be concealed by the length of the surrounding hairs. The strip method is not a hundred percent undetectable surgery since the scar of the wound remains.

Scar Free hair restoration in Italy

However, the FUE method does not leave any scar and is absolutely undetectable. The surgery involves extraction of individual hair follicles which are then planted one by one on the recipient site. This surgery requires a high degree of skill and expertise from the surgeon who must have a vast experience. The direction of hair follicles as well as the existing growth pattern must be kept constant so as to make the new follicles look as if they have been growing on the bald patch naturally. The newly planted hairs pick up nutrition from the rich network of capillaries and gain strength and length. Before any kind of a hair loss treatment a person must find out the cause of hair fall. Once the cause has been detected, the patient must get it cured so that when the treatment starts there is no chance of hair fall. The reason hair surgery is the most popular is that it provides full coverage within a maximum period of one year. The patient who has been suffering from hair fall for a long time may get impatient during the laborious daily routines required by the non surgical methods of hair growth. The daily routines are such that in case a person misses to apply the medication any day, his process of hair growth slows down. Moreover, many non surgical methods only stop hair loss; they do not ensure coverage of the hair that is already lost or damaged. The hair transplantation surgery ensures a transformed look within a year of surgery and in a majority of cases; a follow up session or re-transplantation is not at all required. A good surgeon can bring about the desired results for the patient hence it is a very essential prerequisite that the patient looks for a surgeon who is most suitable and is well reputed. Hair restoration in Italy is done using the latest techniques. It is essential for a patient to look for a good surgeon who can give the desired results.However hair transplant cost especially follicular unit Extraction is high and people come to our hair transplant clinic in Pakistan for affordable hair restoration.

  • Fue 2000 follicles = 800 euro
  • Fue 4000 follicles=1600 euro
  • Strip procedure mega session 2500 grafts= 1000 euro

These prices are 60% less than in any Western European country.

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