Hair surgery before and after

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Hair surgery before and after pictures make it easy for choosing a surgeon and clinic in Lahore-Pakistan. Hair restoration treatments are the most sought after procedures due to the need of hair growth and increasing cases of baldness. However, there are many things that a candidate must know before going for a surgery. It is advisable that the candidate does a bit of research in order to be sure about what the procedure is all about and what to expect from the surgery. Usually, once a person makes up his or her mind, they consult a surgeon. The surgeon decided what the level of treatment needed is and how many sessions will be needed to complete the procedure. This decision is discussed with the candidate, along with preparing the recipient and informing him of the procedure. Simultaneously, the surgeon also finds out what the candidate has in mind and what kinds of results are they looking for. After the pre-surgery discussion is held, the hair transplant surgery begins. According to the individual case, the surgeon carries out the method agreed upon. In case of strip harvest, the patient has to lie face down while the strip is removed from the back of the head, where the hair density is most. This is done while the patient is under the effect of local anesthesia. After the removal of the strip of hair, the patient may take a break while the strip is dissected in further smaller units by technicians. After this, the patient is kept in a sitting position while the surgeon plants the donor hair on to the bald patch. In case of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) the donor follicles are taken out using a sharp instrument while the patient is lying down and then, after a very short break the doctor makes small incisions on the bald patch and plants the individual follicles. Depending on the number of grafts, the duration of the procedure or number of sessions may vary with individuals. However, the surgery is done in very easy and comfortable conditions and allows the patient to utilize the surgery time to read or watch television. After the surgery is completed, the patient might experience some numbness in the area due to the effect of local anesthesia.

Hair surgery before and after

A post surgery care routine is written down for the patient to follow. Mostly, patients can carry on with their daily routines since the surgery wounds are not major and their mobility is not restricted. However, some surgeons recommend patients to keep an easy routine for a few days following the surgery. Simple pain killers and antibiotics are prescribed in order to heal the surgery wound and reduce pain. The patient might experience slight headache and redness in the operated area. Apart from this, slight swelling and bleeding is also experienced. These side effects are minor and can be eliminated by a little care. Usually all kinds of side effects finish off within a few days of surgery. The most worrisome side effect is the loss of hair, which causes many patients to get uncomfortable and believe that their surgery failed. This hair loss is in fact a temporary one due to the operation. New hair appears within a period of three months.

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