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Hair transplant Canada is performed by both FUE and FUT methods. Canada is one of the most established countries and hence is equipped with the latest techniques and technology. The medical facilities are of the highest standards and hence very expensive. The cosmetic surgeries such as hair restoration are very popular but they are exorbitantly priced. Hair has always played an important role in the outlook of a person, be it man or woman. The lack of hair on the head can result in many serious complexes of the personality which lead to poor interaction with the outer world. This is why baldness and the reasons for this condition are explored and worked upon.

Baldness Toronto Canada patient

Crown baldness Toronto patient

Medical science has introduced various methods of hair restoration over the last century and these methods have been helping millions of people restore glory on the head and consequently gain confidence and respect. Out of all the methods and treatments, the most yielding and efficient is the method of surgical treatments.  There are numerous surgeons, of Canadian origin as well as of other nationalities, who perform this surgery and can be consulted. However, the cost of this surgery is much higher than other medical treatments and hence in Canada it is out of reach of a large number of patients. This leads to an outflow of patients who seek the same kind of treatment in other parts of the world at a much cheaper cost. The costs of medical services are generally high in the United States and Canada since the rate of US Dollar and Canadian Dollar is very high. Apart from this, the taxes and insurance policies are even higher and therefore many surgeries become exorbitantly priced. The country is a welfare state and therefore all the medical facilities there are almost free, but the cosmetic surgeries, which are not a serious life altering treatment and therefore not as necessary as the treatments related to basic health affairs they are very costly. 

Left side marking before hair restoration

Shave -marking before hair transplant Canada patient

This surgical procedure is basically the shifting of grafts from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no growth. This is done under the effect of local anesthesia by using two basic methods. The FUT method is the removal of skin in the form of a strip, which is dissected into smaller follicular units and then planted on the bald patch. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is the extraction of individual follicles which are carefully removed from the donor site and then planted one by one on the recipient site. The wound of the strip removal is stapled together with the help of stainless steel staples made specifically for surgical purposes. This wound leaves a permanent scar which is then concealed with the help of adjusting length of the surrounding hair. The FUE method gives more natural results since there is no scar left from the surgery. This is the most frequently demanded procedure of hair transplant in Canada and all over the world. Patients can see a full growth within a year of surgery which is phenomenal since other options demand continuous daily routines and show very gradual results. Usually, it has happened that these treatments only stop further hair loss while the damage done is not reversed. Hair transplantation is the only procedure that ensures full coverage of the bald patch. Baldness can be due to different reasons in different people therefore it is advised that a person interested in any form of treatment must first get the diagnosis and then treatment accordingly. In case the problem has not been corrected, the patient may experience hair fall even after the surgery or treatment.

Hair transplant in Canada is available at high prices. We have elaborated the current methods and result quality of the surgical procedure which can help patients to get their head full of hair.

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