Hair transplant candidacy

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Hair transplant is the surgical transfer of healthy follicles from the donor site to recipient site. It aims to restore the prior hair growth in the balding area. However, regardless of the desire to have surgery to get the precious locks back, the patient needs to meet the number of criteria that will determine if he is eligible for the surgical procedure. Doctors consider the patient who has diagnosed with androgenic alopecia and sufficient baldness that is affecting the physical appearance.

Hair transplant candidacy

Ideal hair transplant candidacy 25 to 65 years

There are many aspects that make a patient good candidate. A person between the age of 25 to 65 are ideal because before 25 years of age is experiencing premature hair loss that might change once he grow older and people after 65 years, are left with no sufficient donor hairs. Along with age, the characteristics also matter like people with good density, similar hair and skin color, thick and curly or wavy hair are more likely to get expected results. Scalp laxity is also something that is considered while determining suitability of candidate. Scalps with low laxity are more difficult to extract.


best age for hair transplant

Can anybody get a hair transplant?

Men and women of all races can be eligible, but there are certain conditions that are necessary to meet. The person who is prone to smoking and alcohol consumption cannot undergo this surgery as it directly affects the result and may cause post-surgery complications. People of age before 25 and after 65 are also not suitable. The severity of the baldness also makes or breaks a person for surgical procedure.

Am I am a good candidate?

Only doctor can determine if you are a suitable for the surgery or not. It is true that surgical procedure is a good technique but it is mandatory to have a good donor area at the back of the head. Sometimes, many conditions weakens the hairs of the whole head, leaving not enough donor follicles. In the first session, after deep examination, the doctor can tell about the patient’s candidacy.

Best age for hair transplant

The age from 25 to 65 is considered best for surgical procedure. Losing locks in early age is really depressing and frustrating as it directly affects the appearance. So, people want to get treatment. In these cases, an early transplantation may sound good option to get the precious locks back. But, a young patient must understand that transplanted hair will remain constant, but hair loss is a natural phenomenon which can weaken the strands with passing time. So, before 25 is too early and after 65 the patient will left not enough donor density.

Good candidate for FUE

An adequate donor supply at the back of the head makes someone a good candidate for follicular unit extraction. The patient must be medically stable for prone position because as it is a surgery extended to few hours so the patient must be able to lay on the stomach as it is required. People who are not prone to smoking and alcohol consumption and maintain a healthy diet are considered ideal for follicular unit extraction surgery.

Who should not get a hair transplant?

As it is an invasive surgery and many medicines like local anesthesia is applied to numb the pain. So, those who suffer negative reactions to anesthesia are not suggested to get this surgery. People with chronic health issues, like heart disease, kidney or liver failure, diabetes, hemophilia etc. are not suitable. This treatment is not for under age people as well because the results will not be long lasting for them.


This procedure is only permanent solution of male pattern baldness, but only desires are not enough to get expected results. Many things are considered to determine who can get the treatment and expect good results. Whether you are a good hair transplant candidate or not, send us your close up pictures through WhatsApp.

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