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Hair Transplant Cost Australia

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Hair transplant cost in Australia is based upon three primary factors 1- technique 2-surgeon experience and qualification 3- number of grafts. The average procedure package is 4000$ to 8000 $. Hair restoration surgery is the most effective treatment for hair loss . However, the price of this procedure in Australia is high and therefore out of reach for many people. A person looking for surgical procedure must do some research about surgeons and the cost at which they perform quality procedures. Australia is a developed country with the latest facilities for medical treatments. However, it is also an expensive place for any medical procedure. Australia is home for the latest method of F.U.E. surgery; called the follicular unit extraction method

Hair restoration is a delicate procedure since the patient entrusts his appearance to a surgeon and it is also a skillful surgery and this makes it very expensive. Countries like Australia where medical facilities are already expensive, procedures such as hair surgery are even more costly and hence out of reach for many people. The price of an average procedure is around $4,000 to $10,000 in Australia, which is very high as compared to abroad. This is why a majority of patients turn to other cheaper destinations such as Pakistan. The procedure is done in two basic ways, one procedure is called the strip method and the other is the Follicular Unit Extraction. The strip method involves removal of a strip from an area of good  growth. This area, also called the donor site, is usually the back of the head or the area above the ears. The strip is removed, is then cut into smaller units and planted on the bald area. This method does not require as much skill and experience as is required for FUE. The Follicular unit extraction method is more complicated as it involves the extraction of individual follicles from the donor site. These follicles are individually planted on the bald patch and may need a few sessions for the procedure to be completed. The surgeon must be skilled and experienced since this method requires a lot of care.

The surgeon has to observe the natural pattern of the existing hair and then place the follicles in the same pattern so that the transplant looks natural. Besides this, the surgeon has to manually plant each follicle, which is a meticulous job and may be very time consuming. The price for the method is more than the strip method due to the above mentioned reasons. Apart from this, this technique is more complicated hence the charges of the procedure have to be more. In Australia as well as other states, surgeons charge according to the number of grafts planted. In case of fewer follicles being transplanted, the total cost of the procedure will be less as compared to the procedure that includes a large number of grafts being transplanted. There are many latest technologies that are being used for FUE, such as the neograft devices. The neograft transplant is a mechanical procedure in which a device is used to extract follicles and then plant them on the bald patch. However, many people still rely more on human judgment and opt for a manual procedure since it is humanly to rely on another human than to rely on a machine. Pakistan is one of the cheapest destinations for the procedures. Due to a high number of surgeries being done every day, the surgeons here are well-experienced and skilled. This is why the FUE procedures are not any less in quality than those being offered in the west. The surgeon’s skills and expertise are the main factors that determine the price of the procedure. The average price bracket for FUE hair transplants in Pakistan is Rs70,000 to Rs 140,000 (1000$) which is very affordable for people with a limited budget for this surgery.

Hair transplant costs in Australia are very high due to the experienced and skilled surgeons who charge more. The patients then consider travelling to other countries like Pakistan, where the same quality of results are ensured at a much less price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FUE procedure cost in Australia?

The fue cost is charged according to the number of grafts and per graft cost is 4.00$ to 8.00$ in Australia.

What is FUT procedure cost in Australia?

FUT cost is in the range of 6000$ to 10,000$

What is body hair to head cost in Australia?

Body hair extraction and transplant to head needs skill and expertise and the normal price range is 15000$ to 25000$ in Australia.

Where can I get cheap or low cost procedure abroad?

You may get 2000-3500 grafts FUE procedure from our clinic abroad (Lahore, Pakistan) in 1200 to 1600$. To contact or online consultation you may WAHSTAPP +92-333-430-9999