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Fue hair transplant Manama Bahrain patient | 2684 grafts | Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry

Hair transplant in Manama Bahrain is performed by a few clinics through FUE and FUT techniques. However, many patients travel abroad to our clinic as hair restoration cost in Manama Bahrain is very high as compared to prices abroad. Patients send us baldness and donor area close up photos and get an estimate of grafts and price. 

Mr. M.M. came to our clinic for F.U.E. procedure to cover his right, left and crown area coverage. It was decided to go for a mega session so that maximum grafts can be extracted and placed in the baldness.

Procedure date   20 September 2021 
Technique  F.U.E.
Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Area coverage  Right, left corners and crown area 
 Duration   6 hours 
 Anesthesia   Local anesthesia 

Hair transplant Bahrain patient

Fue procedure preparation

Bahrain clinic- Fue donor area


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