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Hair transplant Nankana Sahib patient contacted us at our clinic for his baldness treatment. He has a very strong history of family male pattern alopecia. Initially he noticed gradual hair loss which increased as time passed. Now he has clearly patches of baldness and thinning in the crown area. Although, he may have complete hair loss in the crown area in future. We always perform PRP with hair restoration procedures for existing hair strengthening. However, due to the genetic component, we can delay or slow down speed of shedding but we can’t change his genetic code or inheritance.

Hair transplant Nankana Sahib patient initially consulted in his home town for the best hair loss treatment and different products were prescribed to him. After using it for more than six months, he further has hair fall. He started his search from the internet” best hair restoration clinic” hair regrowth injection” best doctor for hair regrowth and Fue clinic near me” He also came to know about our clinic through internet search and called our clinic for information. Our staff provided him basic information and requested him to send photos through WhatsApp for an expert opinion as well as evaluation of grafts and cost. He had information that needed one procedure to cover the frontal part of his head. Our staff also sent him precautions and laboratory tests.

Hair transplant Nankana Sahib patient got his laboratory reports from his town and sent us through WhatsApp and got an appointment for his FUE procedure. He has some fears regarding the side effects, pain. Our surgeon explained to him regarding these fears that the procedure is under local anesthesia and will take 5 to 6 hours and it will be performed under local anesthesia. It means you will be fully alert and watch TV during your procedure. There will be minor or minimal discomfort at the time of local anesthesia. Once it is numb, you will not have any pain or discomfort. 

Patient details 

Procedure date  11 March 2022
Patient Age  27 years 
 Plan   Frontal part of head 
 Technique   F.U.E.
 Donor area   Back & sides of head 
 Punch size   0.8 mm 
 Surgeon   Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry 
 Contact   +92-333-430-9999

Hair transplant Nankana sahib patient


Baldness treatment are marking


Shave before FUE hair transplant

Nankana sahib customer donor area marking

Hair transplant photo gallery

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