Most common hair transplant questions -FAQ

People who are suffering from baldness ask various questions of hair transplantation procedure. It is common to ask questions about the surgery you are going for, but maybe your surgeon has no time to answer your questions properly. Therefore, in this article I’m going to share some question’s answers that a normal person asks or want to ask before going for hair restoration procedure. As you know, it is an expensive procedure so it is better to take full information about it before going for it.
How does hair restoration work?
It is a medical surgery in which resistant follicles is taken from the back of the head and implanted it in bald areas of the head. Therefore, it works for a lifetime because the follicles taken from the back of the head has the power to resist the bald area of the head.
Will the procedure give me a natural look?
It gives you a completely natural look if you chose a right and expert surgeon for it. So, be careful while choosing a right clinic and surgeon before you go for treatment. Remember; always go for a follicular unit technique to get better and natural results.

Hair transplant questions -FAQ

How long does the procedure will take?
The one session for about 1500 to 2000 grafts takes five to six hours normally.

Does the procedure hurt?
Before starting the procedure , the surgeon provides anesthesia to the patient in the recipient and donor areas. You will not feel any pain due to this anesthesia. Some patients may feel numbness and soreness that makes them irritated.  Otherwise, it is a painless procedure.

What does hair restoration will cost?
The cost is depending on the amount of graft you need, but most of the clinics charge $ 1 to $3 per graft.

How many hair/graft will I need?
The number of grafts are depending on your baldness level or the amount of hair you lose now or in future.

What is the duration of recovery?
It is a quick healing process. Most patients recover within a one or two days.

When will my new hair start to grow after the procedure?

The growth of new hair will take time. Normally, it takes two or three months to grow new hair but for transplanted follicle growth it would take 8 to 11 months.

How can I find the best hair restoration surgeon in Pakistan?

The most important decision is to choose the best surgeon. First of all, take complete information about the surgeons of your area then make any decision. The surgeon should be creative and expert so that you can get a perfectly natural look for a lifetime. A little bit of carelessness will make you suffer for a lifetime. To make your decision, demand before & after photos, physical meeting with previous treated patient from the clinic, testimonials and reviews from internet.

What are the precautions before a procedure?

You need to stop smoking, alcohol, multi vitamin, Asprin, Disprin and blood thinner eight days before procedure.

Which tests are required before undergoing surgery?

Whether you are going for FUT or FUT, following tests are required. These are routine laboratory tests and any Lab can do it.

Blood complete Examination + ESR

HbSAg, Anti- HCV


Blood sugar Random

Anti- HIV

What is the cost of 4000 or 5000 grafts in Lahore Pakistan?

The price range is 175,000 to 250,000 Pak Rupees if the procedure will be performed by a qualified and experienced doctor.

Does the hair in the donor area regrow after it has been removed?

Donor area grafts are removed along with the root / bulb so these extracted hairs will never grow back in the donor area. However an intelligent and experienced surgeon only takes less than 20% grafts from the donor area to avoid thinning or overharvesting.

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