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Hair transplant Shalimar town Lahore patient came to our clinic for his hair loss problem. He found us from his research on the internet. He selected two best hair restoration clinics in Lahore on the basis of surgeon qualification, experience, reviews and results. He called our front desk for initial information and got an appointment for a complimentary checkup. He prepared a list of questions as well which he asked during the first consultation with our specialist. It is always good to understand the procedure before you visit any male or female pattern baldness treatment clinic in Lahore or abroad.

Hair transplant Shalimar town Lahore patient details 

Procedure date   29 Aug 2022
Age   43 years
Plan   Front zones coverage
Baldness  NW class 6
Technique Micro FUE
Donor area  Back & sides
Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Contact  +92-333-430-9999


NW class six baldness treatment Lahore

Hair transplant Shalimar town Lahore

Fue donor area Shalimar town Lahore

How many grafts can be extracted in one procedure?

As your donor area in the sides of the head is not dense and spaces are visible so our estimate in your case is less than 2000 grafts. These 2000 grafts normally cover the front zones of the head.

 What is the technique used for the procedure?

There are two or three common techniques and we use follicular unit extraction techniques. It does not contain any linear incision in the donor area and no more stitches in it. This is the most advanced and latest method to treat female or male pattern baldness in Lahore or abroad.

What will be the cost for the hair restoration surgery?

The average price for the procedure is in the range of 75000 to 200,000 Pak Rupee. It is equal to 700$ to 1200$ depending upon the Pak currency conversion rate. 

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