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Hair transplant Sialkot patient traveled to our clinic and underwent baldness treatment via follicular unit extraction technique. He got 2525 grafts to cover the frontal half of head. It is a minor surgical technique where a surgeon takes the follicles from the donor area, usually back and sides of the head and transplants these follicles or grafts to the recipient or bald area. The whole procedure is performed under local anesthesia. It means the patient is fully alert and watching TV or movies or listening to music while the surgical team is performing the procedure for hair regrowth.  Total time duration for the procedure is typically 5 to 6 hours.

Fue hair transplant Sialkot patient

Hair transplant Sialkot clinics

There are three clinics in the city and  the patient visited all these 3 clinics. One clinic is run by the quack or technician, the second clinic is run by the doctor but he is not performing the procedure regularly, rather he is more interested in reconstructive or plastic surgery. Third clinics advertise heavily in the city but more into the Wigs or non-surgical system. Therefore, patient made his research on the internet with different keywords like” best hair loss treatment” baldness permanent solution” PRP hair treatment” best hair restoration clinic in Sialkot” best hair specialist” Fue procedure cost” and found our clinic from the internet and saw different before and after results of the patient. After choosing our clinic, the patient called us and we requested him to send close up photos of the bald area via WhatsApp. After getting his photos and an expert opinion from our surgeon, we gave him an estimate of price as well as grafts and duration of the procedure.

Basic Laboratory tests and precautions

We sent him some basic laboratory tests and precautions before the procedure. After getting the test result, the patient sent us reports through WhatsApp and all his reports were clear and we fixed his procedure date. We advised the patient to avoid following things 8 days before procedure

·         No smoking

·         No alcohol

·         No Multi vitamin

·         No Asprin or Disprin

·         If taking any medicine or allergic from any injection please let us know in advance.

Fue hair transplant Sialkot patient detail 

Procedure date  14 July 2022
Patient age  30 years
Plan  Front area coverage
Technique  Micro FUE
Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Contact  +92-333-430-9999


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