Hair transplant Tunisia

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Hair transplant Tunisia to help those that are suffering from hair loss and baldness and want to get a permanent solution. These treatments are available on a reasonable price from different cities. Patients can obtain different methods of hair restoration surgeries. Tunisia is officially recognized as the Republic of Tunisia and it is one of the smallest countries located in north of Africa. It is an industrialized and modernized country. It has membership of Arab league. An effective health care system is there in the country that provides basic treatments to the patients. Those who are suffering from baldness and hair loss problems can find hair transplant Tunisia. These surgeries are the only permanent and effective hair loss cure. It helps the patients in getting their hairs back on the scalp. It is especially helpful for those who are suffering from male pattern baldness. All methods of hair implant surgeries are offered in the country. 

Hair transplant Tunisia patient details 

Procedure date  22 Aug 2023
Age 47 years
Plan Front zones
Technique DHI- Fue
Donor areaBack & sides
Duration6 hours
Surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry


Hair transplant Tunisia

Fue before after Tunisia patient

Patients can get the surgeries from leading hair or cosmetic surgery clinics. The two methods that are commonly found in the country are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In FUT, follicles are harvested from the scalp in the form of a strip. These follicles are dissected under a binocular microscope where they got separated from each other. There remains a donor scar in the area from where these follicles are extracted. In the second method of follicular unit extraction, follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area. This is preferred hair surgical treatment these days because there is less pain and bleeding involved during the treatment. If the patients get restoration surgery through this method, there remains no linear scar on the scalp.

Hair restoration Tunisia Vs Pakistan cost 

The cost of hair transplant  in Tunisia is less as compared to the European countries. People from different countries came here to get a cheap hair restoration. It is estimated that thousand grafts through traditional strip surgical methods can be achieved in two thousand Euros. The second method is expensive and it is twice as costly as the traditional strip surgical method. Patients get treatment in this country to save their up to fifty percent money. They can get the same high quality surgery as they can get in some renowned clinics of the United States or Europe. Many hair loss clinics are there in the country that can help the patients in getting the correct hair surgery. These clinics can be searched with the help of the internet. Patients can find a list of these clinics by searching them through a search engine. They can check the official websites of these clinics to find information about the history and background of a clinic. They can also check the costs from the websites. Some patients want to check about the result of a clinic or surgeon before treatments. They can check the before and after photos and videos through these websites. Hair loss forums are also there to guide the patients in finding the best clinic in this country. Patients can also get to know about the experiences of various patients from the blogs and forums. They can also request them to guide about the top hair restoration clinics of the country.

Hair transplant surgeons in Tunisia have years of experience in performing these surgeries on the patients. These surgeons are specialized in this field. They can help the patients in getting a good surgery with minimum side effects in the end. They also customized different methods for both men and women according to the needs and demands. They have membership of various hair loss and hair restoration societies. The basic consultancy sessions are provided to patients without any charges. Those who are coming from abroad can get consultancy from the surgeon by making an online appointment. It is important for the foreign patients to arrange for their visa, hotel and travel expenses before getting Hair Transplant in Tunisia. These charges are apart from the total fees of surgery. However people prefer to travel other cheapest destinations. Hair transplant Pakistan is an ideal destination for low cost Fue procedure.

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