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Australia may be considered home of hair transplantation surgery since the latest and most result yielding method  was introduced in Australia. A patient must know the procedural steps and some basic facts about the surgeons since this can help them maximize results. Hair loss is a problem faced by many people these days and in order to fight this issue many methods  have been introduced. Australia is the birth place of the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, which is the latest development in the field of surgical hair restoration. This surgery is one of the most popular ways of treating baldness. However, people who opt for this procedure, or are interested in finding out what the whole procedure is, should do some research prior to their treatment. The procedure can be a one-time surgery or it may be completed in a series of sittings with the surgeon. It involves extraction of follicle from an area that has good growth. This graft extraction is then planted on to the bald patch. Most commonly, hair transplants are done on the scalp, while many take retreat in this procedure to hide any accidental scars or burns as well as deformities by birth. Once a candidate chooses to go for a procedure, he consults a surgeon to discuss his baldness in order to determine the course of surgery. Doctors usually take a patient’s history of past diseases, illnesses and medications that have been taken. Once the history is completed, the area under consideration is viewed and after observation of the hair pattern and the cause of hair loss, the surgeon decides what should be done in order to achieve lifelong success and to restore hair growth completely. The surgeon discusses with his patient, the number of grafts that will be planted during each session and that how long is it expected to take for the hair to grow back to normal. The candidates are advised to stop any medication or unhealthy habits such as smoking or consuming alcohol so that there is no hindrance in the acceptance of transplants by the body. As with all major surgeries, the doctor discusses in detail what the candidate is expecting to see after the procedure, and in case of any unrealistic expectations, a good surgeon always brings the recipient to facts. In Australia, there are several surgeons who are capable of performing a good hair transplant surgery. A patient can easily schedule an appointment and then visit the clinic. The patient and surgeon decide various issues and then the final surgery date is decided. Once the surgery begins, the first step is to give local anesthesia to the patient. The surgeon then removes the ‘donor strip’ or the follicles that have to be planted on to the bald patch. These follicles are usually removed from the back of the head or above the ears. In all kinds of baldness issues, the hair growth in these two regions is least affected and thick. This extraction is done while the patient is lying face down on a surgical table, in case the hair is taken from the back of the head. Once the strip is removed, the doctor uses surgical grade stainless steel staples to close the donor site. These staples are specifically designed for cosmetic surgeries. After a break and some relaxation for the patient, he/she is seated on a reclining chair and then the recipient site is made ready for transplant. The candidate can comfortably view television while the surgeon makes tiny incisions. Once the incisions are made in a natural pattern and ready for transplants, the technicians start planting the grafts. Once the surgery is over, follow up sessions and post surgery care is essential. The candidates are told what medication is to be taken and any other routine that they must follow in order to heal the surgery wounds.

Hair transplantation clinic Australia is offering with the latest techniques since it is home to the FUE method. There are several good surgeons present in Australia. However due to medical tourism people try to search and find on net low cost or affordable clinics around the world. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is a Paris trained and qualified hair restoration surgeon with 22 years experience and visiting associate Professor in Lyon University. He is offering low cost Fue hair transplant in Pakistan.

Packages and Cost

  • 2000 Fue follicles = 800 $
  • 4000 Fue follicles = 1600$

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get baldness treatment from a hair transplantation clinic in Australia?

Yes, there are many clinics offering this procedure in Australia.

What is the cost of hair loss treatment at a hair transplantation clinic in Australia?

The average cost is 5000$ to 12000$.

Who can perform FUE hair transplant in Australia?

Normally a Board Certified hair restoration surgeon will perform the procedure.

Why do people travel abroad for FUE procedure?

FUE hair restoration procedures are cheaper abroad so many people travel abroad. Our clinic is offering 2000 to 3500 grafts in a single session at 1200$. To contact our clinic you may send close up photos through WHATSAPP +92-333-430-9999

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