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Hair transplantation in Germany is carried out in all major cities and Fue technique is a modern form of procedure to treat baldness. Germany is a developed country where all the latest techniques and methods of surgery are in use. However, the cost of these procedures is very high. The European countries and the United States are home to all the medical research and studies therefore all the new technological advancement and practical implementations are first done in the west and then followed in the eastern countries such as Pakistan. Cosmetic medicine has seen much advancement during the past few decades due to a high demand for aesthetic enhancements. Hair loss is an increasing issue that many people suffer from and in this field a lot of work has been done to bring about a change and restore  growth. Out of all the methods introduced so far, the hair transplantation in Germany is most famous due to the fast results after a one-time surgery, which takes years of routines to bring about, in case of non surgical procedures. Hair restoration surgery is the removal of grafts from any area of good density and then planting them on the balding region. This way, baldness is covered and the person’s self esteem and image is renewed. 

This surgery requires great skill and expertise on the surgeon’s part since it is these factors that bring out the best results. In any individual, the reason for alopecia may be different. So in order to get treatment, the first step is to find out what causes. Once the problem is detected, the individual must get a cure for it. Hair fall may be caused by stress, poor nutrition or prolonged illnesses. In the case of stress, a person must relieve himself from worries and let hair loss reduce on its own before opting for surgery to cover the loss that has been done. Similarly, if poor nutrition has caused it, the patient must take a good diet and ensure consumption of vitamin supplements to fill up any deficiencies. Once the problem is eradicated, the hair loss treatment can be applied. It is advised that every individual does some research about the procedure and the various surgeons available. This helps in choosing the right surgeon and awareness of the procedural steps helps a person have realistic expectations. These days, all surgeons consult the Norwood scale of baldness to measure and understand the level of baldness. This is a universalized scale to help estimate the number of grafts needed for full coverage of the bald area. If a patient is in Germany and a good procedure in Germany is out of his reach, since the cost of this procedure is very high there; he can explore the Net and find cheaper surgeons in other countries. These days the concept of traveling to lesser developed countries for cheaper medical services is a common act. Also referred to as medical tourism, this is increasing in countries such as Pakistan, where good medical services are available at less than half the cost of these services in western developed countries. Once a good surgeon is chosen, the patient can easily arrange travel and accommodation plans. The hair restoration surgery is done in two basic ways, the strip harvest method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. Both methods are in practice in Pakistan, however, the latter has more demand due to its natural results. Hair surgery does not require a long healing period hence a person can arrange a short trip and get a result yielding procedure done within an affordable price. The side effects of this surgery are minimal and do not restrict a patient from his daily routine unless special conditions are seen.  

Hair transplantation in Germany

Hair transplantation in Germany is available with the latest techniques and facilities. However, all medical procedures are very expensive there and hence people prefer to travel to cheaper destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest technique for hair transplantation in Germany?

The latest technique is F.U.E.- follicular unit extraction.

What is the fee range in Germany?

The average cost for the procedure is 5000 to 8000 euro in Germany.

Can I get cheap FUE abroad?

Yes there are many patients traveling from Germany to our clinic in Lahore Pakistan for an affordable and quality FUE procedure.  Our staff will help and guide you regarding FUE procedure. We charge 0.50 € per graft at our clinic in Lahore Pakistan.

Who will be the surgeon?

The hair surgeon will be Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry who will perform your procedure along with his team.

What is the qualification of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry?

He did MBBS from King Edward Medical University and specialization from Rene Descartes University Paris France and Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France in hair diseases and hair surgery. He is an Ex- visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard University Lyon France.

How many years experience he has in this field?

He has 22 years experience in this field.

How to get an estimate of grafts and price from abroad?

For an estimate of grafts and price, you can send us your baldness area from different angles through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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