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Hair transplants

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From applying essential oils for nourishment of the scalp to hair transplants, people spend plenty of time and money to make their head look good. Why? Because humans love their hair more than what this keratin structure deserves. This whole story of love revolves around a strong belief that they are prime elements of our appearance and personality. They tell other people about your hygiene and age. Haircuts can also change the way you look. But these thread-like strands are not faithful to everybody. They leave them, either because of that person’s own negligence towards the body care regime or due to some underlying health condition like DHT accumulation in the scalp. Nearly all of them try to get back their ringlets, curls or whatever shape they had, by non-surgical ways but very few actually respond to this treatment. But don’t worry non responders! You still got a chance to grow back and that is through surgery. It is a type of cosmetic surgery in which doctors extract some healthy follicles from part of your scalp and place them in an area which has gone bald.

What is the success rate of Hair Transplants?

These kinds of cosmetic surgeries are nearly 98% successful and, in most cases, it is 100%. There is very little or no chance that you will go bald again after ingrafting surgery as healthy follicles are transported to the unhealthy part of your scalp. You can see results within one year of your surgery.

What is the procedure or technique?

There are generally two procedures being carried out to graft your hairs. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a method in which a part of your scalp is taken from the back of your head and then divided into smaller patches which contain 1 to 4 follicles. These patches are then planted on the bald area by making smaller cuts and placing these patches in them. Part of the scalp from which the strip has been removed is stitched. Mostly, these stitches are not visible until you have a very short haircut. Another method which is widely cheered is Follicular unit extraction (FUE). In this method, follicles are extracted one by one from healthy parts of your scalp and then inserted in tiny cuts made in the bald area. Advantage of this method over the prior one is that nobody can notice that you have got an implant surgery.

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How much does a hair transplant cost?

Cost of transplant surgery depends on the extent of baldness. From where are you getting this transplant and what procedure are you going to get? In the USA, an average surgery can cost around $4000 to $15000.

Are Hair transplants safe?

These surgeries are generally safe and painless because of local anaesthesia. Very few people have reported any post-surgery complication which can be treated easily by over-the-counter medications. These complications include continuous bleeding, irritation in the scalp and allergic reaction to local anaesthesia.

Side effects ?

Side effects of surgery include achy and swollen scalp, a temporary scab on the area from where follicles were transplanted and few visible scars on the scalp. Most of these side effects could be treated easily by your doctor.


Hair transplants are not going to cost you anything other than your money. If you love your whiskers more than your money, then you should definitely go for this surgery without being worried about complications. By spending this money, you can get your personality back and can restore your confidence of which you were deprived as being bald.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the duration of hair transplants?

The results of the procedure will remain forever and long lasting.

What are packages?

The packages start from 45000 to 200,000 Pak Rupees

What are the side effects ?

These may include mild pain, swelling, discomfort, numbness, crusts and scabs, scars and hiccough.

How to get an appointment for check up and opinion?

To get an appointment you may call or WHATSAPP +92-333-430-9999