Hybrid hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is performed at our clinic successfully in selected cases. It is a combination of both transplants including Follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both strip method, which is the old method and FUE is performed together on the same day of the transplant. A person can expect more than 4000 to 5000 grafts in one day whereas on the other hand having a minimum number of scars at the donor site. Thus, both are blended in one surgery and performed in the same session. The results are very encouraging as it is very difficult to find differences between natural and transplanted hair. Not every surgeon can do this but a qualified and well-trained surgeon does it well. Unfortunately, it is not so much available in Asia and due to marketing purposes; many clinics conveniently allow their clients to undergo this procedure despite the need. They may be convinced and undergo the procedure by an untrained surgeon. Hybrid hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan has been performed successfully by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry for the last many years. 

As the human desire of having a natural look and beauty, the patients want to have a hybrid transplant. Everything evolves with time and the human body also evolves and the climate also, so the body adapts with the climate. Usually, hair loss can be treated with conventional methods, whereas modern and advanced treatments require a combination of procedures. The persons who wanted to have a maximum number of grafts with minimum scars should have this procedure from a trained surgeon. The common reasons for this are the significant baldness, fewer donor areas and low available grafts count. If a person has any of these problems, then he should undergo a transplant.

FUT and FUE combined

Specialist hybrid hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan

In a Hybrid Hair transplant, FUE and FUT are performed in a single session of surgery. To perform this, the surgeon does FUT, in which follicles in the form of the strip are extracted. The donor site is closed with the help of stitches. Following FUT, FUE is performed. These follicles are obtained from the donor site. After this, if more grafts are required, then follicles from the beard or chest using FUE are taken to maximize the hair follicles in the scalp. This whole process does not require more than a day however beard and chest hair can be done on the next day. With the help of this technique, about 5000 to 6000 or more can be extracted in a single day. This procedure is not offered by every clinic and every surgeon is not so qualified to undergo and perform this. Thus, a qualified surgeon is essential for this transplant. It is also not a very common technique. Therefore, having the right surgeon is crucial along with the expertise. Moreover, research is also required before performing this surgery. Further, this is used as a last resort for hair restoration. When all other options are obsolete and the patient becomes exhausted after trying all other measures to restore scalp hair, and no other options left.

Hybrid hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

Good Candidate for Hybrid hair transplant 

The surgeon for a hybrid hair transplant determines the candidacy. Every second surgeon will not recommend undergoing this procedure to their patients. Surgeons mostly consider some individuals for getting this who are good in health, persons with Norwood V, VI or VII grade of baldness, patients who do not bother to have visible scars or stitches for a month or more, exhausted from every other restoration option, and those who consider realistic expectations from the procedures. Before undergoing this treatment, consult some experts and let them decide that you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. 

The cost of hybrid hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan

The hair restoration cost of this also varies from clinic to clinic and from expert to expert. Also, this includes the number of sessions and patient personal requirements. Recently, these techniques have proven beneficial for persons with hair loss, thinning and baldness. Some advantages of this include that sufferings from hair loss of all areas can be managed in a single session, a huge number of follicles can be transplanted in a single day, minimum chances of not growing after transplant, a safe and sound procedure under local anaesthesia, after following proper SOP’s and care can stay for a longer time and if it is done normally then there are less chances of complications and infection. After the process, the person should take some precautionary measures. They should avoid having direct sunlight contact, abstain from smoking and alcohol consumption, and avoid taking blood thinners and scratching the treated area to minimize the risks of bleeding and slowing of the recovery process. After all, this natural-looking hair will have a positive result on the personality and confidence of a person.   

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