Madarosis is a medical term in which the hair of the eyes and brows starts to shed. This term has been derived from the Greek word “Madao” which means fall off. In this condition, your face hair falls on either one side or both sides of the eyes and brows. This is a disease which makes your outer appearance strange and unusual.  You start to lose your confidence and confine your activities and friend circle. You start to hesitate to face new people or to go to the open area. This disease brings anxiety, depression and solitude. This condition disturbs the self-esteem and aesthetic state of a sufferer.

Madarosis treatment Lahore Pakistan

Madarosis becomes a hurdle in protecting your eyes from the outer atmosphere. The eyes and eyebrows are protecting agents that save you from sweat, dust, heat, light, pollution or bad impacts on the atmosphere. They do not let the irritating particles into your eyes. They save your eyes from redness or severe allergy or itching. They don’t let bacteria and irritants into your eyes. They play an important role in your life. They play an important role in expressing your body language. Through them, you judge other people’s facial expressions. You express your likeness, dis-likeness, anger, confusion, nervousness, anxiety, pain, and comfort or restlessness.

Eyelashes loss

Madarosis can occur due to many reasons. Thyroid, bacterial or fungal infection, or other viral infections such as HIV can lead to Madarosis. Trauma or injury can also be a cause of shedding in these areas. This disease can be scary or non-scary; in the former condition, you can lose your eyelashes and eyebrows permanently and the Follicular Transplantation Unit is the best treatment for its treatment. In non-scary conditions hairs start to regrow in the areas after the recovery. In chemotherapy cases, you lost your hair but after recovery, you feel the growth. The main symptom of hair loss is you lose follicles from your eyelashes, eyelid and eyebrows. This situation can be worse. You can face this disease as partial or complete loss of hair. Emotional stress makes your immune system weaker and prone to adopt any disease abruptly. This disease can also attack when you face depression or tension.

Nutritional deficiency role 

You can face Madarosis when you don’t take a properly balanced diet. An imbalanced diet leads you to many diseases, madarosis is one of them. Deficiency of iron, calcium, vitamins, zinc or other nutrition can be a cause of hair fall. Besides this intake of medication for any disease can also harm the follicles and you face consequences like this. To some extent, genes also play a vital role. Hormonal changes are also a big factor which leads you to this situation.

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Madarosis can be cured; when the patient faces this problem, he visits the doctor. The doctor takes some necessary tests to know the aetiology and then he recommends treatments or medications accordingly. This case can be severe if you ignore it at an early stage and then you can’t grow them back. But medicine doesn’t end here, you can go for a transplant. For avoiding an adverse situation, you need to diagnose and treat it from the initial stage. This disease can be found in any age, sex or group of people. It is not bound to one sect, country or sex. Most commonly this disease happens in older age. This hair loss can be reversed at an early age otherwise you lose them permanently.

Reversal of Madarosis disease possible 

Madarosis can be reversed if the follicles are not damaged. A healthy and balanced diet, nutrition and beauty tips can stop hair loss. But in a severe situation, no treatment or medication helps. In contrast, false eyelashes or tattooing eyebrows can help you to some extent. Otherwise, eyelash grafting is a permanent solution for it.

You can stop the effect of Madarosis by avoiding plucking because during this aesthetic practice often follicles get damaged and stop growing again. This practice not only damages follicles but also can be a cause of an infection that can lead you to severe results later on. Minoxidil is a topical treatment to cure the hair loss of eyebrows that can be a cause of alopecia areata. Eyebrow surgeries are done to regain the look in severe condition. But often people go for artificial treatment to conceal the loss of hair like wearing fake eyelashes, applying pencil for embellishing the brows, or wearing mascara to make the lashes longer and thicker. Often people go for homemade remedies to avoid the severity of this condition like fenugreek seeds, castor oil, aloe vera gel, coconut oil or olive oil. These remedies to some extent give slow but positive results. This disease is not common but it can happen after the age of 29 to onward, especially in women. Moreover, it varies from gender to gender, or age to age. 

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