Most effective hair regrowth treatment

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Find various ways of the most effective hair regrowth treatment Lahore Pakistan is the priority of every sufferer. People usually search for the most effective hair regrowth treatment but cannot find the required results. Thick shiny and strong hair enhances your confidence and aids in making your personality more attractive. But what if you suffer from hair loss or thinning? Hair loss is a common problem in both genders that sometimes leads to baldness in males and thin hair in females. Today we are going to explore the reasons behind baldness, prevention, and treatments in detail.

Most effective hair regrowth treatment Lahore Pakistan


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Most effective hair regrowth treatment Lahore Pakistan

Talking about the Causes and prevention of hair loss, the most important reason is genetic defects. Pattern baldness is specifically caused by genetic changes. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared that about half the population both males and females, experience androgenetic alopecia. Environmental stimulus includes the use of low-quality products, hard water, and unhygienic living conditions. No matter what the reason is, you should take some precautionary measures to avoid hair fall. 
Eat a balanced diet, 
Avoid brushing wet hair
Do not pull or twist hair

How to diagnose the root cause of hair fall

Well knowing the root cause of your problem you can better handle the issue and can adopt the most effective hair regrowth treatment. For diagnosis visit your trusted physician he will provide you with a thorough consultation and perform tests to detect the reason for hair falling. Your doctor may conduct the pull test, blood test, light microscopy, or scalp biopsy. These effective tests will help you to know the exact reason and compatible solution with the best possible results.

Medication is an effective remedy to prevent hair loss

Efficient treatments are available in the market to treat hair growth problems with good outcomes. If your hair fall is due to medical un wellness then the best way to get rid is by going through medication. With the advancement of technology and emerging potent drugs, it is now possible to regain your lost hair within less time. Finasteride is the most widely used medicine to treat male baldness triggered by both genetic and environmental stimuli. This drug has the potential to grow hair naturally with positive outcomes hence acting as the most effective hair regrowth treatment. It is prescribed for men affected by MPB. Your doctor prescribes it according to the severity and type of situation. Usually, one tablet is taken daily for fruitful results. The working mechanism of Finasteride is simple it acts on your body in such a way as to strengthen the follicles and ultimately minimize hair loss. It may trigger the production of new hair as well. There are some side effect seen of this medicine but it can lead to low sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and gynecomstia. Pregnant women are not allowed to take Finasteride as it may harm the fetus.
Minoxidil is another efficient remedy to adopt for hair regain. It is manufactured in liquid form and prescribed to apply to the affected area. For the most effective hair regrowth treatment the recommended dose of Minoxidil for both sexes is different Men should use it twice a day while women once a day. The mechanism of action of Minoxidil is not different, it also acts on your body by triggering the strength of follicles by providing them the potential to grow faster. You will experience new hair growth in six months. Although it is slow in action there is no side effect of Minoxidil at all hence it is safe to use. Oral dutasteride and spironolactone are other beneficial options to choose from as hair growth agents.

Know about Highly advanced techniques of hair restoration surgeries

Medication is not permanent way as it does not apply to a bald head and is a time-consuming process. The most effective hair regrowth treatment to cover a plain area of your head is going for a hair transplant procedure. During this surgery, your physician takes follicles consisting of thick hair from any body part including arms, legs, or chest. Then these grafts are precisely placed at the bald site and stay there. Hair placement surgeons usually adopt two techniques to perform the surgery one is called Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) while the other is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE is mostly preferred over FUT due to several reasons. The success of the process depends upon the doctor’s experience and the type of technique used. Hair grafting surgery is not a big deal but a little painful which is why your targeted area is treated with sedative drugs to minimize the disturbance, pain, and panic during the whole operation.


I hope now it is not difficult to find the most effective hair regrowth treatment for you and your loved ones. Having beautiful hair is the utmost desire of every being that is why it is crucial to maintain the health of your hair to look charming. By avoiding stress, poor diet, smoking, alcohol, and maintaining a good living style you can prevent hair fall. But to restore lost hair no matter which treatment you choose consult your doctor first then go

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