PRP treatment for hair regrowth

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PRP treatment for hair regrowth is well-known nowadays. It is trending higher day by day. Hair fall starts when you take a lot of stress, when you reach a certain phase of your age, when your follicles get damaged or when you go through hormonal changes. Thinning leaves a deep impact on your personality and you start to lose your confidence and then avoid attending functions or parties. Androgenic alopecia is a male pattern baldness in which a man starts to lose his hair from the side & front of the head. In female hair loss patterns, females face less density; it is common in middle-aged women. It is a common disease in all genders; you may acquire it genetically, to overcome this problem, modern man has invented many ways for hair regrowth. And PRP method is one of them that you go for.

PRP treatment for hair regrowth Lahore

PRP treatment for hair regrowth in Lahore Pakistan 

PRP treatment for hair regrowth is reliable, in which the doctors take out the plasma from your blood and inject it into your scalp. This process makes your tissues and follicles healthy and this way you get back your growth. This is equally helpful for male and female androgenetic alopecia. Healthy follicles generate new hairs on your scalp and you acquire a big volume that makes you attractive and charming because baldness is a symbol of aging and debility. Careful handling of follicles causes less damage and you save yourself from many unfavorable results. That leads you toward medical treatment later on.

PRP procedure steps 

PRP treatment for hair regrowth is effective. It works surprisingly well as it has healing factors and triggers hair reproduction after injection. PRP is a short form of platelet-Rich-plasma; it is a compound of two elements named plasma and platelets. It consists of three stages; in this procedure, the consultant takes blood from your body with the help of a specific machine named a centrifuge. This machine separates the protein and other required substances from your blood. Blood consists of four components, red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. After gaining the required platelet, the clinician injects it into your skull afterwards. This has a rapid effect on the patient; a quick outcome boosts the trust in medication. It is noteworthy that this therapy does not consist of one session. You have to go for this for three to six months.

 How many times PRP needed for hair?

PRP treatment for hair regrowth has promising positive results. It has been employed since 1980. Platelets play a vital role to make this therapy successful. Before going for that PRP injection therapy the physician takes your blood tests and examines whether you are eligible for that or not. A lower level of blood platelets may fail this treatment. A huge concentration of blood platelets gives you an encouraging response. This treatment remains over 3 to 6 months. During this time you have to take a session every month. During this time your follicles get healthy and the hair rejuvenates gradually.

Does prp result permanent

PRP treatment for hair regrowth gives assurance of a long-lasting effect. Exceptional cases are also there, like people who have a certain disease or medication like chemotherapy, they will lose their hair. Whether they have undertaken the PRP therapy. Besides this careful handling and annual follow-up visits to the doctor maintain the result. Some patients see results of new hair regrowth within three months, otherwise, it requires up to 6 to 12 months to visualize the exact progress of plasma injection. Once it starts to work, it brings thickness and strengthens the roots.

Best PRP result Lahore

PRP treatment for hair regrowth in Lahore Pakistan is a long lasting and natural process; it is comfortable and suitable for those who want to restore their hair organically. It is an autologous treatment, so it is safe and secure which protects you from allergy or any other side effects. It carries minor chances to affect you as it is quite natural and chemical-free therapy and sterilized equipment have been used. In this process, blood is drawn out from your body so it is necessary; you should have taken plenty of liquid, water or juices to keep your body hydrated so that you may not feel light-headed later on. Once you go for that, your hair starts to grow naturally and you get rid of all kinds of worries and tensions.

Alopecia areata and platelet rich plasma 

Almost every male or female faces alopecia areata which gives them a tough time. During this period, people face thinning. PRP is the best solution for this type of disease. It is not so expensive. But once you go for that, you regain your beauty and youth. There are fewer chances for reversion of hair fall. It is witnessed that PRP therapy is the best for male or female hair loss patterns, but it does not work for bald heads. It rejuvenates the follicles and thickens and regenerates the hair on the skull.

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