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Real hair patch Lahore

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Real hair patch Vs. permanent transplant solution Lahore 

Real hair patch Lahore is offered at our clinic. These hair will grow and one may trim these. Our doctor will explain to customers regarding real expectation and discuss each and every aspect regarding implantation. Baldness is a common problem among male and female. Such kind of hair loss treatment is very effective for thinning of hair as well. Hair thinning which leads to male or female pattern alopecia is not a depressing and problematic issue as patches of alopecia treatment is available in Lahore. This treatment is performed by various options like medical restoration:- use of medicines like Minoxidil spray, Finestride tablets, PRP therapy, Mesotherapy and ultimately FUT or Fue hair transplant in Lahore at our clinic. Below photos will show you real hair patch treatment in Lahore through hair restoration by foreign qualified specialist.

Permanent treatment in Lahore

Permanent real hair patch treatment is performed by two ways commonly. If you can look below picture where Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry performed 4364 fue grafts in two days ,covered frontal ,mid and crown area through Follicular unit extraction procedure. Those who wan to get permanent hair loss treatment or patch work through least invasive technique may contact Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry’s hair transplant clinic in Lahore.

Real hair patch Lahore

How much does a real hair patch cost in Lahore Pakistan?

The real hair patch used to be imported from the USA with good quality. The normal cost is 800$ but due to the high value of US dollar and depreciation of Pakistan rupee or currency, people do not have buying capacity. Now there are no more USA made real hair patches, rather China or Hong Kong patches are everywhere in Pakistan. The price for these wigs is in the range of 15000 to 25000 Pak Rupees.