Receding hairline treatment in Lahore Pakistan is performed at our clinic by a foreign trained and qualified surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. It is a hair loss along the hairline and it affects both men and women. Generally observed in people with positive family history but also occurs because of various physiological, inflammatory and skin conditions. In men, mostly the cause is hereditary while in women the cause usually includes frontal fibrosing alopecia and traction alopecia. Where the hereditary causes that androgenic alopecia can’t be controlled and hair loss is inevitable, some acquired causes like traction alopecia, alopecia areata and alopecia due to stress and nutritional factors can be prevented, provided medical professionals help is sought early in the course of the disease process. A receding hairline might be the first step in going bald or just a slight physiological change that never progresses further, so it’s always good to seek advice from healthcare professionals. Our clinic is providing free checkup and consultation so do not waste time and share your hair loss area photos or personally visit. 

Receding hairline transplant Lahore Pakistan

Receding hairline

Receding hairline treatment Lahore

This cosmetic issue may just develop around the time of puberty or anytime in adulthood. Various factors are responsible including age, genetics, hormonal imbalance, and style. Alopecia usually starts just at the temples and occurs more frequently in aging individuals. It typically forms a characteristic M shaped pattern, after which follicles on top and back of head thin out and eventually fall out. To diagnose the type of baldness it is important to know about family history, medical history, drug history and personal history. Pull test can be performed by a doctor, where the doctor gently pulls out a few hairs to see how many falls out easily at a time. Biopsy of the scalp also helps in determining the cause of baldness. Blood samples may also be taken to assess the thyroid gland function, Vitamin D level and other basic parameters to rule out any pathological cause of follicle loss.  

M shape male pattern baldness

How to prevent hair fall 

Some factors can help prevent receding hairline and include medical treatment with Finasteride that lowers the dihydrotestosterone levels that is the basic culprit in androgenic alopecia, Minoxidil to stimulate follicular growth, Vitamin D and Zinc supplements. Some patients may have advantage with platelet rich plasma therapy, in which plasma of the patient is injected in the areas of alopecia that treat the damaged follicles. Low level laser light therapy may be used to stimulate the growth and slow damage to follicles. Corticosteroids might help patients in which the cause of alopecia is inflammation of the follicles, as they help reduce the inflammation of follicles and allow them to open up and grow new hair. Dietary changes include eating vitamin rich meals and a low fats diet. Scalp massages with essential oils have also been helpful in some cases. Aloe vera, coconut oil, fish oil, ginseng, rosemary oil etc. help. 

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Permanent solution 

Lifestyle choices that reduce stress and anxiety also help in reducing shedding. Exercising regularly, maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding cigarette smoking and drug consumption is very effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels. In addition to this it is very important to take care of delicate hair ends by avoiding use of harsh chemical products on the scalp. Brushing on the scalp vigorously and excessive pulling should also be avoided. In some circumstances, changing hairstyles also help in covering the areas of alopecia. In the end if all the preventive, medical and lifestyle changing measures fail, one can go for surgical treatment. Surgical treatment for male pattern baldness is becoming very famous nowadays with increasing efficacy with which the transplantation can be done while giving a natural look to the patient’s hair. The process includes harvesting of grafts from a donor site and implantation at the bald areas with appropriate preoperative preparation, operative accuracy and precision and postoperative care. The end result usually takes about six to nine months to show some noticeable growth.

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