People often pull their hair as they know that it is temporary and can grow back. No matters how much our eyelashes fall, it grows back. All you have to do is stop being bad to yourself and start being gentle with yourself by applying oils that can help you get your pulled hair back. There may be a possibility that the hair that grows back can be slightly thinner than the ones you had before. A normal hair grows a ½ inch or maximum by a ¼ inch per month. If we calculate the growth rate per year, it is 6 inches. Using Vitamin or standing in the heat for some time daily can help to stimulate the growth and you can get your hair back faster. Heat helps to widen the follicles. Almost a hundred strands shed off daily.

The question that will your regrow hair after trichotillomania has many answers. There are a few things that you need to know, how long have you been pulling ? The frequency of which you have been doing it? The area you have been pulling from very often. The longer you have been pulling, less chances you have of getting your hair back. The black tips present on your scalp show you that the hair will grow but whether they will be gray or black that is unknown until they really grow. Don’t be that brutal while pulling. If there will be blood coming out from the spot you have taken your hair from, it shows that the whole follicle has been destroyed. If these are pulled from eyelashes, they may grow really soon. But eyebrows take a lot of time and even if they will grow soon, they won’t be that long.

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Regrow hair after trichotillomania with products 

People often pull their hair when they grow gray. They do not want to look older so they keep pulling them. Sometimes dandruff or having rough hair can also lead to the grayness of hair. People also pull hair from eyelashes. Use of good and gentle products can help you get your hair back soon. Massaging with oils and taking supplements with vitamin B6 and B12 can help your hair grow faster. Hair loss after trichotillomania is easier if we stop pulling them further. Constantly and repeatedly pulling your hair can damage the follicles, in that case, you might not get your hair back.

You must change your habit of pulling your hair. Apply hair colors if you have gray hair. Oiling is the best treatment one can do to get back your hair. You can also apply oil on your eyelashes using mascara. Almost ten drops of castor oil are needed to put in the bottle of mascara. Shake the bottle well before use. Avoid getting oil into your eye. Close your eyes properly after you apply and let it dry. People also have the habit of pulling their hair while suffering from stress. Yoga can help you meditate and leave the habit of pulling.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to grow back hair that has been pulled out?

It is important to get help from a Psychiatrist to treat the disease and after treatment from him, consult a hair specialist in Lahore at our clinic who will help and give you practical tips to grow hair.

How long does it take for hair to grow back after being pulled out?

Normally it will take 4 to 6 months to see visible improvement.

Who is the best specialist in Lahore who can treat pulled hair of Trichotillomania?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry will help you to regain your pulled hair through medicine, Laser therapy, and PRP treatment . If all these measures fail then hair transplant surgery is the last option. 

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