Robotic hair transplant in Pakistan is not available anywhere due to too much expensive machine and low paying capacity of the patient and evolving economy. ARTAS Robotic hair restoration is an advanced and special form of transplant. In the modern era, technology is gradually replacing manual work. In medicine and health too, modern machines are introduced which do the work precisely and the results are very encouraging except in some complicated cases which occur rarely. This procedure is completely automated and requires a minimally invasive procedure. This technology is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and results in natural-looking hair without leaving a linear scar. This technology uses advanced image-guided sensors. It automatically and precisely dissects the best grafts from a donor area and accurately detects the recipient area to be implanted to have a scar less and perfectly suited personalized hairline. ARTAS system uses 3D technology to help personalize your hairline. After this, it uses HD (High Definition) stereoscopic vision, sensor in arms and algorithms of Artificial Intelligence which aids in the selection of the best follicles for implantation. The follicles are then cut and the ARTAS system automatically detects the best donor sites to be grafted.


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Before the Robotic hair transplant in Pakistan or anywhere else, the physician uses ARTAS technology to have a simulation after the view of the transplant. After that procedure, the physician will be able to estimate the graft count needed depending on the loss. To start treatment, the patient has to sit comfortably, in a chair and the ARTAS analyzes the scalp, having a 3D view of the scalp with the help of multiple cameras. After that, the Artificial Intelligence system of the machine works to identify individual follicles that are suited best for the procedure. This technology is so advanced that it can recalculate the position of follicles after every 20 milliseconds to have an ideal graft and dissection. The extraction process continues until the desired grafts of follicles are obtained. The physician can further fine-tune the procedure according to the need.


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After the completion of the extraction process, the ARTAS system of Robotic Hair Transplant uses simulation as a guide where to implant the extracted follicular units, created during the beginning of the process. This modern technology ensures the best implants for the grafts considering the angle and dimension and also avoids damage to existing healthy hair. This whole procedure completes in approximately 5-7 hours depending on how much loss is occurring. This technique of hair restoration reverses the loss which occurs due to thinning. However, the medication, stress or medical treatment related to hair loss cannot be done by this technique. While, the conditions in which it is effective include thinning, hairline receding or bald spots. Before and after starting the treatment using a Robotic hair transplant, care must be taken to avoid any complications or conditions. This includes stopping the usage of topical treatments 2 weeks before treatment; however, prescribed shampoo may be used. Similarly, blood thinners should also be stopped 2 weeks before surgery. The person should also refrain from smoking for 1 week and also not use alcohol 3 days before. Also, individuals with light hair can dye them at least 3 days before treatment. 

Robotic hair transplant side effects 

However, immediately after treatment, the patient may observe the swelling in the transplanted site and discomfort too. The physician also advises avoiding touching or combing. The person gradually returns to his normal routine after treatment, but still, he must avoid strenuous exercise or alcohol consumption. He may return to his normal routine work within 2-5 days and may take light exercise after 2 days follow procedures. After 10 days, normal brushing, care and shampooing can be done. The person can have a haircut after 2 weeks and dye can be used 4 weeks after treatment. The results are not immediate to be visible, but it can take five to seven months. Shedding and regrowth of grafted follicles can be in 3-4 months. After 6-12 months, bulk growth can be observed and after 11-18 months, the results continue to progress. Similarly, you should be advised to avoid any activity that will cause unnecessary sweating, along with taking care of diet and drinks. The physicians also regard the persons having, bald spots, thinning or receding hairline, as an ideal candidate for this category of transplant. Also, the person must possess the optimum amount of follicles used for transplantation. Thus, this procedure is not recommended for persons with poor donor sites or patients with lighter hair that ARTAS cannot detect. Side effects from ARTAS can include haemorrhage, telogen, infection, itching, and effluvium, cysts, scarring, bleeding and swelling.

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What is the cost of Robotic hair transplant in Pakistan?

The price for the hair restoration through Robot is 5 to 8 lac Pak rupee, due to this high price majority of people prefer motorized Fue procedure whiles results are equal.

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