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Transplant hair is a technique where donor area grafts are extracted or other body regions that exhibit an abundance ( donor site) and replanting it to an area where there is visible thinning of or balding like the scalp, eyebrows, and  eyelashes (recipient site) through grafting. Initially this process originally from Japan involved transplanting single follicles but with advancement of time and technology the experts have come up with a technique whereby they implant Tufts of hair in their natural grouping thus producing a more natural appearance. While it can’t be considered as a treatment to male pattern baldness which is a progressive hair loss condition for most men; this non invasive surgical procedure provides a solution to thinning hair and baldness for cosmetic purposes.

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Transplant hair surgery techniques 

Transplant hairs are commonly performed through two major techniques. The two major ways of extracting grafts from the donor site are: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) also known as strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Strip harvesting involves harvesting a strip of skin from an area with abundance of hair preferably from the back of the scalp and replanting it on the recipient site. Follicular unit extraction includes removing individual follicular units containing between 1 to 4 hairs. Putting into consideration that the cost of FUE  is a bit on the higher end and time consuming during the procedure; it produces more desirable results compared to strip harvesting. It results in a very natural look with no visible scars. Recovery time is short and post operative pain and discomforts are greatly reduced. For the time conscious and economical folks  strip harvesting is the way to go. It is affordable and takes less time during the procedure.

Minimal invasive technique for confidence boost

Transplant hair surgery technique is a minimally invasive hair restoration method helps in boosting self confidence by improving  appearances. It provides a more  permanent solution to individuals with thinning or baldness. Being a one time procedure with little maintenance it is considered a cost effective process compared to other hair restoration processes like holistic methods over the counter drugs which require a lengthy period of time and results are not always guaranteed.  Clinical studies have shown a great success rate. Ranging  between 85% – 95%. Though it varies from person to person it is usually determined by several factors which includes: expertise of the physician, quality of the facility in question, extraction method, availability of funds and time. It’s important for patients to get a reputable physician and a facility ( hospital or clinic) with quality and advanced infrastructure. Thus it is important to conduct a thorough search of the same beforehand .It’s important to note that prior to the procedure patients should be of good physical health as well as being non-smokers. They should provide information about their medical history, known allergies and their reactions to some medicine. This is to avoid possible complications during and after the surgery.

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Regrow hair procedure cost 

A big challenge involving hair transplantation is the cost. The price range is $400 -$1500. This to some individuals is such a discouraging figure considering there is a probable 10% chance of failure.. Although the procedure is usually Safe there have been few reports of infections following the surgery. There is also a risk of developing bumps and scars at the donor or recipient sites though scarring is usually minimal. Rarely has there been reports involving nerve damage, allergic reactions and tissue death as a result of the procedure. Since grafts donation cannot be obtained from a different individual, this procedure is not considered for patients with inadequate donor area. It takes up to 9 months to one year for complete results. 

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