what is cost of haier tarnsplant in pakistan


Hair transplant cost in Pakistan falls anywhere between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 400,000. But there are no accurate figures as this question is not so simple. Also, there are no hard and fast rules to determine how much it will cost. Apart from surgery, the price varies as different factors include the number of grafts being transplanted, the skill of the surgeon, reputation of the clinic, and many more. Beauty has been served cosmetically, however with time; beauty standards have changed. People with bald spots on their heads feel unconfident and not self-assured around other people. To address the problem, different solutions have been used, out of which hair restoration surgery is the one famous and most recommended. The reason for its popularity is its incredible results and patient satisfaction afterward. This procedure is very common all over the world and hair transplant cost in Pakistan is affordable and low so patients travel to get this procedure.

cost of hair transplant in Pakistan

Hair transplant is a cosmetic/artistic surgery that uses different techniques to recover one’s hair. No matter what the reason for baldness is, a baldness surgery can serve as a solution. It uses two popular techniques, namely FUE and FUT, each available at a different cost. Each technique is used to extract follicles from the scalp but they differ in method, skill, cost, and time. With the thought of getting a surgical hair loss treatment, you would first wonder “what is hair transplant cost in Pakistan?’ Well, it’s not that simple, but we will be trying to break it down for you in this article. The total hair restoration surgery cost in Pakistan can be somehow determined for an individual if we break it down into the following:

The surgeon’s fee:
The surgeon will charge his fee as per his skill. One surgeon will be performing 1500 grafts procedure at a lower cost and another will be charging more for the same number of grafts because he is more skilled and experienced. In Pakistan, from experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeons to unauthentic and less skilled practitioners, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Be mindful!

Operation theatre’s fee:
The doctor will be assisting you in an operation theatre. A high-quality environment and equipment will cost you more. You, as a patient, should not risk your health for some money! Make sure the clinic you are choosing is highly reputed for its good environment and cleanliness.

Assistant doctor’s fee:
A single surgeon would not be performing the surgery alone. A whole team will be helping him during the procedure.

The number of grafts:
The number of required grafts depends on how wide the bald area is. More grafts will cost more. Different clinics have different ways of determining the number of grafts. Some will deceive you by dividing a single follicle into two and charging it accordingly. It is just like dividing a single bread loaf into two halves and presenting them as two individual loaves. To avoid such cases, you should get complete information about the procedure before booking an appointment.

The technique used:

As mentioned before, two different techniques are used for follicular extraction, FUE, and FUT. In FUT, a few centimeters long strip of follicles is cut from the scalp and then transplanted, taking less hard work and surgeon’s time. Hence its price is comparably less. While FUE involves extracting individual units of follicles and transplanting them one by one, taking more time and effort. Therefore, it is more costly and has a more natural effect. Also, the method used to close the wound of surgery (normal vs. trichophytic) affects the cost.

Considering the above factors, an individual can approximate the hair transplant cost in Pakistan. The right decision and a suitable choice will save you money and health.

Prices in Pakistan at reputed clinics 

Grafts Technique FueCost Session
1000 yes 1000 X 60= 60000 Rs 1 day
 2000 yes 2000 x 50 = 100,000 Rs 1 day
 2500 yes 2500 X 45 = 112,500 rs 1 day
 3000 yes  3000 X 40 = 120,000 PKR 1 day 
 4000 yes  4000 X 40 = 160,000  2 days 
 5000 yes  5000 X 40 = 200,000 PKR 2 days 

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