What is DHI hair transplant

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Patients mostly searching for hair restoration surgeries inquire about what is DHI hair transplant. About 85% individuals of the world are suffering from thinning and hair fall problems. Women usually go through the torture of hair shedding and drop a remarkable count of hair after 50. Multiple hair restoration strategies are being used in the world to restore lost hair. The most common and preferred techniques are follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant methodology. During the follicular unit transplant, a strip of skin is cut from the donor site and follicles are grafted at the recipient site. 

What is DHI hair transplant

What is DHI hair transplant

This is the latest and emerging technique created by changing the methodology of the follicular unit extraction procedure. Direct hair implantation is performed by all over the world.

The working mechanism of direct hair implantation (DHI)

The process of DHI is not different from follicular unit extraction as it is simply a modification of this treatment. Your specialist will extract follicular units from the back of your head and then precisely graft at the recipient site, usually the top or front of the head. Newly grafted units grow naturally to yield a thick population of hair at the bald site. To resolve the query what is DHI hair transplant and how is it performed let’s discuss the events of treatment stepwise:-
? Your dermatologist will have a thorough session with you in which he will discuss all the important events of treatment to take you in confidence and reduce fear of the surgery.
? After a free-of-cost consultation, you will be referred for the treatment
? After a complete examination doctor marks the targeted sites on the head and draws visible lines at donor and recipient sites for correct transplant these marks define the targeted area and help in correct implantation
? To remove any disturbance or discomfort local anesthesia is given to the patient for disturbance-free surgery
? Then after shaving the head follicles are collected from the back of the head they may be harvested from other body parts like arms, legs, or chest as well
? Follicles are then carefully grafted at the bald area with the help of a pen-shaped tool for they are first loaded into it and then implanted at the head to cover it
? To prevent any infection and scar antibiotic in cream or liquid form is applied to cover the whole area

? The whole process takes from 5 to 6 hours to complete
? Depending upon the number of units transplanted time may range from
5 to 6 hours
? Do not forget to take post-op precautions.
Who are eligible candidates for direct hair implantation (DHI?)
After discussing what is DHI hair transplant? Let’s move ahead and reveal who is the best candidate for direct hair implantation. Androgenetic alopecia is the genetic form of baldness and people suffering from this condition are the best candidates for DHI. As far as age is concerned individuals over 25 years can go through the remedy at any time. Having a thick hair shaft makes you appropriate for this procedure because it gives optimum coverage to the bald area. Donor area density is an important factor when deciding on the technique. If the donor site contains more than 40 hairs per square centimeters then you are a good candidate for DHI. To obtain the expected outcomes hair color matching your skin makes you a suitable candidate. To satisfy the high expectations direct hair implantation is preferable.
Is DHI a cost-effective technique to adopt?
Besides asking what is DHI hair transplant you may also be interested to know what is the price of direct hair implantation. The cost of treatment in developed countries of the world like the US and UK etc. is high as they provide standard solutions and you get up-to-the-mark facilities under one roof. In Pakistan, the cost depends upon various factors such as city, area, experience of the doctor, reputation of the clinic offering treatment, quality of instruments, and training of the team. The most critical factor in deciding the cost is the number of follicles to be transplanted more the hair follicles and more the cost. To reduce the charges you may change the city or area to meet the requirement of your budget.
I hope you have come to know what is DHI hair transplant. It is a changed version of the previously used technique of follicular unit extraction and gives fruitful outcomes. Extensive research is going on in this regard to know the effectiveness of the surgery. However, the success of follicular unit extraction shows potential and powerful evidence of the efficiency of treatment. Latest experiments have shown the effectiveness of DHI in treating male and female pattern baldness with greater affectivity. The surgery is a little bit expensive due to the use of advanced tools and techniques so, if you cannot afford it you may go for other solutions as well such as medication and natural home remedies to get out of the worst situation of hair fall.

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