Will I go bald if my dad is

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Will I Go Bald if My Dad is? Myths and Realities

Men often have this issue that will I go bald if my father is? Let’s learn a little bit about baldness. What is baldness? Baldness is a critical condition of hair fall that includes a lot of Hair fall during combing, washing and sifting hands through them. Now, there are many researches which are held about the genetics and gene relation of baldness. Let’s discuss them whether there is any relation of genes in baldness of just a myth.

Will I Go Bald if My Dad is

Myths of getting bald

There’s a rumor that goes in a market sounding like this, “Your chances of hair loss are not related to the genes of your mother’s father”. The chances that you get baldness genes from your mother are only 50% as she was just the half pie. There are equal chances that you may get genes from your father! Hair loss genes can be inherited from either of your parents. A long time ago, there was a way to find out that either you are going to get bald or not; that was looking at the pictures of your ancestors. Now, there have been lots of researches and doctors can just take a medical check-up and tell you the odds you may go bald.

Medical reasons behind baldness

“Will I go bald if my dad is?” is there any medical reasons behind this phrase? There could be many medical reasons that you may go bald. One of the reasons could be malnutrition. If you are not getting proper healthy diet then there are high chances that you will be bald. One of the many reasons also includes inheritance. Now, what is inheritance? Simply, inheritance would be the tendency of getting genes from your parents. According to scientists, there are a lot of chances that you can have genetic code of baldness gotten from your parents. If one of your parents or both of them have either baldness or tendency to lose hair, then yes there is a medical reason behind this phrase: “will I go bald if my dad is?”

What can you do?

 Now that we know that there is a high chance that you may go bald if your dad is, then what are the preventive measures you can opt to control this. Well, if you have inherited the hair loss genes then there is pretty much nothing you can do BUT there could be possible ways you can delay or partially stop this. You can either take proper diet with full of vitamin E or go for PRP hair loss therapy. There have been researches that you can suppress your hair fall gene but then again at the end you have to face the bitter reality. People also opt for heavy expensive wigs and extensions that will completely cover the bald areas on your head. This is usually done the people who are either less bald or their tendency to hair loss is less.

Topical creams, lotions and sprays have also proven effective in inherited hair loss. Doctors and dermatologists test the skin of scalp of their patients and then prescribe them lotions & sprays according to their conditions.

Will I go bald if my dad is? May be, If you have inherited the hair fall genes from your father and they are dominant then yes if not then you can have a tension free life. But frankly let’s face the fact that now almost every person is going bald and it no more considered as your fault. It is genetic! No need to worry as there is least invasive hair restoration technique called FUE hair transplant and this procedure will regrow your lost hair permanently.

How to contact a specialist for baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan?

You may send your close up photos of baldness area through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 and our professional staff will coordinate with you.

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