If you are looking for long term solution for hair loss then Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan are comparable with traditional strip surgery procedure. If you don’t want to feel any pain or scar on the head during the procedure then follicular unit extraction technique is highly recommended for you. It is also suggested to visit highly experienced hair restoration surgeon  to make the surgery successful then it is very important to select a right doctor. We can say that all positive or negative results depend on the quality and expertise of the doctor. Therefore, be careful while selecting a clinic for yourself. You can take help from before and after photo gallery, video testimonials and reviews. Not every clinic or doctor can give you best fue hair transplant results in Pakistan due to long learning curve. However when you search for international patients video testimonials, reviews and best results in Pakistan then Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is highly recommended and skillful surgeon.

Fue hair transplant results Pakistan

F.U.E.-follicular unit extraction

Fue is the advance technique of the hair regrowth process in which individual follicles is taken from the donor area and fixes it with a needle on the recipient area i.e. bald area of the head.  It is quick and painless procedure to get rid of baldness. Fue procedure normally takes 6 to 7 hours to complete. After the surgery, you can enjoy normal routine life within one or two days.

Hair transplant candidacy

How Fue hair transplant performed in Pakistan :

While searching for clinic for hair loss treatment in Pakistan , one should always consider qualification , skill and experience of a doctor.  Fue hair transplant in Pakistan is performed with all international standards, precaution and necessary laboratory tests are performed before procedure.

Make a plan for the procedure:

it is a very important step in which surgeon call his/her patient for the detail examination and consultant.

Grafts removal from the donor area:

in this step, the surgeon takes out the follicles from the back of the head that is also known as donor area.

Implanting  follicles on the recipient site:

After taking the follicles from the donor site, now it’s time to place them in the recipient site that is also known as a bald area of the head. In this step, surgeon use needle to make punctures in the bald area of the scalp then fix the follicles in these slits.

Results of fue procedure:

Fue  technique will provide you complete natural results without any scar or pain. According to many studies, it is proved that this technique gives 99% successful results. Therefore, don’t think so much just go with this technique to make your baldness permanently disappear from the head. But remember, if you need excellent natural results then it is important to choose expert surgeon for it. The physician should be creative and experienced. You will also get natural hairline through fue technique.
Advantages of fue technique:
There are various advantages of the follicular unit extraction technique. Some of them are as follow.

  • Offers permanent and natural results
  • Can heal quickly
  • Cause minimal head trauma
  • Required no care after surgery
  • Anesthesia makes this procedure painless and comfortable
  • Complete natural results

It is a nature of human being to select best for himself. While selecting best clinic and technique for hair loss treatment, there should be no doubt that Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry can give you best Fue hair transplant  results in Pakistan.

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