Baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan is offered for male and female patients by a foreign qualified specialist Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. Lahore hair clinic was established by since 2000 and many people visit him every day for professional hair loss advice.

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There are many treatment solutions available at cosmoderma clinic Lahore like PRP hair loss treatment, follicular unit transplant procedure, medical hair restoration and follicular unit extraction. All these procedures have same goal, how to regrow hair on bald head. The causes are not limited rather a long list. However, most common cause among male is hormone related called Andro-genetic alopecia. Genetics and male hormone are major players causing male pattern hair loss.

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Male pattern baldness treatment 

It is classified into seven stages and this classification is called Norwood. Normally Norwood class 1& 2 does not require any surgical procedure rather medical restoration should be priority. However, Norwood class 3 and onward require surgical hair transplant procedure. Norwood class 5 -7 require two procedure. Sometimes Norwood class 7 can’t cover with scalp donor area so our  surgeon take from beard, chest, abdomen and back of body.

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What causes hair loss in female

There are many causes for female baldness. Iron deficiency anemia, Thyroid hormonal imbalance, menstrual irregularity or other hormonal issues cause female hair thinning and ultimately partial alopecia.

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The definite male pattern cure is through surgical procedure. An expert doctor will regrow your lost hair through FUT/FUE or body hair transplant procedure. Transplanted hairs did not in few days rather this may take 7 to 12 months.

Male pattern baldness treatment Lahore

When it comes to male hair loss, men usually look for different treatments and procedures which aim to correct the alopecia on their scalp. With new technologies and different procedures, men have many options today when it comes to choosing the ideal growth procedure for themselves. The most common treatment in Lahore performed at our clinic is FUE- Follicular unit extraction hair transplant in severe cases.

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Listed below are some procedures men can undergo if they want to re-grow :

  • Medicines:

    Medicines are often given to men to curtail, prevent and rectify hair loss. There are two medicines that help. The first is Finasteride and the second, Minoxidil. They both work by halting the alteration of testosterone (a hormone) into dihydrotestosterone (this hormone causes the follicles to shrink in size). The follicles are thus not affected by this hormone and can enlarge back to normal. Finasteride is a tablet where as Minoxidil is a lotion that needs to be rubbed on the scalp. The problem with medication is that it is not a permanent solution. In most cases, it will benefit the patient however, if a man is suffering from androgenetic alopecia, this cannot be corrected via the use of medicines.

  • Hair transplant surgery:

    A hair transplant surgery is a procedure carried out under local anesthesia by a surgeon to correct severe cases of hair loss. The surgery usually involves transferring grafts from one place on the scalp to another to correct pattern baldness. Once transplanted, the hair grows out from the area like normal.


  • PRP Treatment:

    PRP hair treatment centers on blood obtained from the patient. The blood extracted is put into a centrifuge. The equipment then separates the plasma from the red blood cells. The plasma is rich in platelets and what platelets have been discovered to do is encourage the follicles to start growing hair again. The scalp is stimulated using a derma-roller (micro needle pen) after which the PRP is injected into the scalp. Then the growth factors present in the platelets do their job and hair growth is naturally stimulated.

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  • Stem Cell Procedure:

    stem cell therapy is a procedure which turns stem cells into follicle cells which are then transplanted into areas of hair loss on the scalp or even the body. This makes it grow new hair without having to surrender follicle tissue from another part of the scalp.

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  • Laser Comb:

    A laser comb also known as a low-level laser device is a hair brush which helps the scalp skin heal and at the same time also induces new growth for people suffering from androgenetic alopecia and thinning problems

    Laser treatment for hair loss

  • Non-Surgical Hair replacement:

    This hair replacement is designed in such a way that it appears as if the hair is growing out naturally from your scalp. The system is made up of a breathable very thin (micro) artificial skin which us usually 0.03 mm. on this you will find human hair implanted. This piece is then bonded to the scalp area for 7 weeks

It is imperative to keep in mind that not all patients and their thinning condition or problems are the same; therefore, it is vital to consult with a certified consultant if you are interested in treatment for hair growth that is ideal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is male pattern baldness reversible?

It is important to treat the condition in the initial stages otherwise advance level of MPB required hair restoration surgery. However, there are new technologies and therapies which will replace the old remedies. PRF and stem cells are emerging techniques for regeneration and hair fall control. Yes we can reverse MPB if it is not completely bald. 

Who is the best doctor for baldness treatment in Lahore?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is an experienced, foreign qualified doctor in Lahore.

How much is the consultation fee for a top surgeon for baldness treatment in Lahore?

There is no consultation fee for check up however you need to call for an appointment +923334309999

Does someone have baldness treatment in Lahore for hair re-growth?

There are many real patients who got hair loss treatment in Lahore from Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry and are living happy lives. 

What are some effective treatments for male-pattern baldness (bald head) in Lahore Pakistan?

There are many options and it depends upon hair loss cause and area involved. The most commonly prescribed drugs are Minoxidil and Finasteride but these have some side effects as well as many people are non responders to these medicines. PRP, Mesotherapy and PDO threads are other options available. Recently Micro needling stem cells activation is introduced and a new innovation where dormant stem cells present at the base of the hair roots are activated and these inactive stem cells from your own baby hair ( miniaturized) become active due to this treatment and one can see improvement would start 12 to 14 days later. No other treatment in the world is so quick and result oriented. Therefore, the most effective treatment for male pattern baldness in Lahore Pakistan is Micro needling stem cells stimulation or activation where tiny hair or thinning can be changed into normal hair density and look. 

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